5 Revenge Anime for Seekers of Justice

Revenge is always sweet, whether it’s served hot or cold It’s always sweetexcept if you’re the one who gets it. When it comes to anime, the extent the character goes to punish the wrongdoers who have hurt their character is limited only by their imagination. They come up with elaborate schemes to kill the victim physically or emotionally. Let’s take a closer at these characters’ clever schemes. Here are five revenge-oriented anime that can cause you to think twice before harming someone.


Brandon Heat and Harry McDowell are best friends. They could even be considered brothers. When they were young they ran local gangs that took cash from street hooligans. Then, one of the biggest and most notorious mafia syndicates, Millennion, invites the group to join.

As they both begin performing a variety of tasks They quickly climb up the ranks. But their goals are different. Harry hopes of one day becoming the head of Millennion while Brandon is only looking to appease the present boss, Big Daddy as well as spend more moments with Maria Maria, the lover of his life. However, Harry quickly becomes jealous of Brandon’s friendship with Big Daddy which leads him to kill and shoot his closest friend.

It’s unfortunate that for Harry that Brandon isn’t going to die. Thirteen years after, Harry is the new Millenion’s leader and is surrounded by an obscene number of henchmen to defend his interests. However, this will not be sufficient to prevent Brandon who comes back from the grave looking for revenge on his former best friend.


5 Revenge Anime for Seekers of Justice

Sometimes we’re not able to exact revenge on those who’ve been unfair to us, which can be a bit frustrating. There’s a site known as ” Hell Correspondence” which allows you to submit names of people that you hold a grudge towards to have somebody else take the blame.

Requests are forwarded directly to Hell Girl, Ai Enma Ai Enma, who together her staff, conducts an investigation of the potential victims and clients to determine whether she is able to provide her services. If Hell Girl takes this request, then she promptly sends the victim straight to hell. However, there’s one drawback.

In order to exact revenge, Hell Girl also sends the victim to hellin the event of their death. Hell Girl deals with the themes of injustice, bullying hatred, and obviously, revenge. It explores the complicated emotions that result from these topics. The majority of the time, these themes are reserved for those living however the reality is that Hell Girl has a revenge request of her own.


A family’s death is a sure way to make enemies for life. That’s just what is happening in revenge-themed anime “91 Days”. The mafia-themed series is set in the Prohibition period in the fictional town that is Lawless.

A boy of the age of Angelo Lagussa, is witness to the death of both his parents as well as his his younger sister by members of the Vanettifamily The Vanetti family, and consequently is forced to hide -but not without vowing to get revenge upon the Vanetti’s. After a few years, Angelo adopts a new identity, Avilio Bruno, and returns to the lawless under the request by a mysterious letter in order to take revenge.

With the help of his new name, Avilio easily infiltrates the Vanetti family through a relationship with the son’s son Nero. With the knowledge he acquired during his time in hiding and with a little of help from his old friend, Avilio quickly earns the Vanetti family’s trust. Then begins his dark and bloody route to retribution.


The show is based on Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse The Netflix series Castlevania tells the story of Trevor Belmont, a vampire hunter who is determined to end the invading Dracula from destroying humanity.

But, Dracula wasn’t always the horrible monster that people believe him to be. Before unleashing his monster army on his world, Dracula had in peace in love with Lisa the woman who was more than a fang and fell deeply in love with Dracula.

However, their blissful life was to come to an abrupt and tragic ending. He returns home to discover that his wife is missing. An elderly woman informs his that Lisa was detained at the hands of Bishop Bishop in the case of witchcraft and sentenced to death.

In anger at the villager’s the loss of their beloved wife, Dracula unleashes his demon army against the villagers, resulting in the most horrific massacre anyone who loves gore would be thrilled. It’s now up to Trevor Belmont and his companions to stop the vengeful vampire before he is able to destroy the entire world.

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