Top 10 Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is home to some of the Great Lake’s finest and most distinctive beaches. Numerous kilometers of golden sand stretch along the shorelines of the southern and east attracted summertime tourists looking to get away from the scorching heat.

The beaches along Lake Michigan’s eastern coast are usually surrounded by sand dunes. This makes them enjoyable to explore. Sometimes there are smaller lakes in which the water gets warmer and makes swimming a more enjoyable experience as opposed to the frigid waters of the larger lake.

Beach regions range from urban areas within the heart of Chicago to beaches that come alive each summer, and all the way to secluded beaches with no sound is the sound of waves breaking upon the shore.

In general, the beaches are equipped with restrooms, bathhouses, and picnic tables as well as shelters. Based on the dimensions and the popularity of the beaches, a concession stand may be offering food and drinks. Lifeguards watch closely on bathers at certain beaches, but not at every time, so make certain to verify whether you’re a good swimmer or have children who are small.

The most beautiful beaches on Lake Michigan are located in National or state parks, so be ready to pay for access and perhaps park.

Notice: Some businesses could be temporarily shut down because of recent safety and health concerns.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a trip to a place similar to the Caribbean when you can find perfect beaches and crystal-clear waters within the Midwest? With more than 3,200 miles of shoreline along its Great Lakes, Michigan is the second-largest beach state within the United States.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches and enjoy your holiday in the sun and swimming along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. The greatest aspect about the Beaches on Lake Michigan is that there are a variety of options to pick from.

You may be looking for a beautiful family beach that has lots of amenities or a beach with golden sands, and the perfect circumstances for fishing there’s plenty to offer everyone on Michigan Shoreline.

Lake Michigan, a Truly Great Lake

  • Sugar sand beaches that are wide and long gently sloped to sparkling blue waves...
  • Sand dunes towering over, falling down to the azure blue freshwater the sea...
  • High-rise Michigan lighthouses that stand tall along the shore, guiding sailors to coast...
  • Charming beaches that take you back to the past by welcoming guests with food, entertainment and much more...
  • The fifth-largest lake in the world, but still small enough to feel as if it's your your own...

Discover Beaches on Lake Michigan Vacation Destinations

If you're not familiar with the Great Lakes region and Michigan's freshwater coastline, it's impossible to believe that this many natural beauty (think clean, aqua-striped water and soft, sparkling sand) can be found within the Midwest of the United States, just a few minutes away from Chicago.

Beginning with the Indiana dunes and down to the Grand Traverse region and beyond the shores of Lake Michigan is a wonderful beach for those who visit all throughout the year. The beaches of Michigan are among the most sought-after destinations for travelers in the United States. They are brimming with endless outdoor activities Tourist attractions, attractions for tourists, and public beaches...everything you'll need to enjoy the perfect Lake Michigan beach vacation.

Beaches on Lake Michigan Explored

There are charming beach towns that are flooded with tourists throughout the season of summer and autumn and secluded natural, unspoiled areas in which nature is still the king of the hill, Lake Michigan is a truly beautiful gem in the Great Lakes.

It's the ideal holiday destination that offers all the perks (and plus a few) of the ocean with no sharks and without saltwater...simply the most desirable of both.

There are many gorgeous bodies of water, including stunning clear lakes in the inland area and rivers that are worth taking a trip along the Lake Michigan coastline.

Check it out and we will provide you with information about the top shores and Beaches on Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan coastline.

Plan your Beaches on Lake Michigan Getaway

If you're in need of an idea for your trip we've got what you'll want to know to organize the perfect Beaches on Lake Michigan vacation: the most beautiful beaches; the most acclaimed tours to wineries and tours of a craft brewery; Lake Michigan cabin rentals as well as campsites located on Lake Michigan and the Best Beaches on Lake Michigan towns.

There's so much to do in the west of Michigan along the shores of Beaches on Lake Michigan from the Indiana Dunes National Park all up to Mackinac Island on the tip of the Mitten.

The excitement continues on the northern shores of Lake Michigan in the upper peninsula (Lake Superior isn't the only Great Lake in the U.P.) all from St. Ignace to Green Bay.

Learn to learn more about everything from the top county parks to west Michigan beaches, where you can find a fantastic beach hike trail, to the most beautiful lake views on Grand Traverse Bay.

Explore Beaches on Lake Michigan

On this page and in the separate Lake Michigan beach destination pages that are within the Interactive Michigan Beach and Travel Map, you can visit public beaches that have amenities such as change rooms for the beach and picnic tables, and even boat rentals.

We'll discuss our top beach spots and exciting winter activities that make Lake Michigan a year-round travel destination.

About Beaches on Lake Michigan

Beaches on Lake Michigan is one the largest lakes in the world and it is also one of the five Great Lakes: Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Lake Erie. Lake Superior and Lake Superior are the others.

The western shoreline of Lake Michigan begins with the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and then continues north until the Chicago River, where it eventually flows out to the Mississippi River.

The western shoreline of Lake Michigan makes its way across into the Chicago shoreline, passing by many North shore Illinois beaches before heading towards Door County and Green Bay.

Beaches on Lake Michigan Facts

World's largest system of freshwater These interconnected lakes link to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence seaway, and supply more than one-fifth of the freshwater in the world.

This is the part that makes up part of the Lake Michigan basin, which encompasses nearly 50,000 square miles, and comprises a portion of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

The second-largest Great Lake by volume with less than 1180 miles of water. Beaches on Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake entirely within the United States.

This huge body of water covers the size of a lake of 22300 square miles. It also is home to several small islands such as Beaver Island, North Manitou, and South Manitou.

Beaches on Lake Michigan

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

If you're looking to experience a range of landscapes, beaches, and a myriad of activities to see and do, then taking a visit in the direction of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a must among your places to go in Michigan. The park offers seven beach options that you can pick from. They range from long, sandy shores across Lake Michigan to inland beaches on North Bar Lake. Which beach you go to is based on the type of beach you prefer and your tolerance to water temperatures.

If you're not sure Try both. For North Bar Lake, all you have just walk over the dunes and you'll be at Lake Michigan. North Bar Lake is the most well-known of the beaches within the park and is a great place to swim because it has warm shallow waters and is always peaceful.

Another distinctive beach one of the most unique beaches is Platte Point Beach. The lakes that make up the Platte River flow through sand and eventually to Lake Michigan. It is a popular pastime to float along the shallow river using the tube of an inside or a floating device to the lake.

Esch Road Beach is another well-known spot because Otter Creek flows across the beach towards Lake Michigan. The kids will love swimming and playing in the water, which is shallow and warm and slow-moving water. If it is clear it is possible to see the 400-foot high Empire Bluffs are visible.

If your dog is traveling with you and wants to go to the beach as well then you're in luck. Except for North Bar Lake and Platte Pointe beaches, dogs are permitted (on leashes) in certain areas of all beaches.

Beach fires, which are an exciting tradition, are permitted on all the beaches with the exception of the ones located at North Bar Lake. The fires must be located within the water's edge and the sand dune that is the first.

Other beaches worth visiting within the park include Glen Haven BeachCounty Road 669 Beach as well as County Road 651 Beach.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

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2. Silver Beach

In the town named after it, Silver Beach has long been a popular summer getaway for people living in the southern part of Lake Ontario. Silver Beach is a stunning expanse of golden sand with a triangular shape. It is separated from the St. Joseph River and an edifice of rock. Silver Beach is a great spot to take a dip in the water. Bring your water toys, or take a stand-up kayak or paddleboard at the concessionaire.

In the back of the beach are plenty of park space, an auto-jumping ring, and a marina. If your kids are bored of the sand and are searching for something more exciting and different go towards The Whirlpool Compass Fountain. The massive water feature features water spraying from the ground. It also has massive water jets that shoot out water at the edge towards the middle of the fountain.

To get some exercise, or to wet an angling line and test your luck with fishing, walk to the south pier. It is accessible from the north side of the beach.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

3. North Ave Beach

Like other lakefront cities such as Toronto, Chicago has done an excellent job in making and maintaining excellent urban beaches. The most popular beaches located in Chicago can be found at North Avenue Beach, located in Lincoln Park. You'll find an expansive, long beach that has been drawing people to the beach since 1940.

In the summer heat, the beach is filled with people enjoying the sun's rays while observing the bustling scene. The beach is accessible with rental of stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards Jet Skis, bikes, and kayaks. If you're working to a calorie food concessions are available for hamburgers and hot dogs. If you want a more elegant dinner, there's a restaurant located on-site; the outdoor roof terrace is the best place to sit and be noticed.

Beach volleyball is a huge sport in this area and the standard of play varies from beginner up to semi-professional.

Many visitors access the beach by taking the Lakeshore trail, which extends across the beach. Parking (fee to be paid) can be difficult during busy times; be sure to arrive early so that you have a space.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

4. Ludington State Park

Seven miles of stunning beaches, as well as a 5,000-acre lake and even a historic lighthouse, are the most popular points of interest and things to do in Ludington State Park. The park is situated near the small town named after it approximately halfway along the east shoreline of Lake Michigan, this fantastic park has been attracting visitors since 1927.

There are Lake Michigan beaches here that are long and are ideal for beach strolls or beachcombing. You'll exhaust yourself before you've run out of the beach. On Hamlin Lake the beach is smaller, however, the water is warmer. Its Big Sable River connects the two lakes and is a very popular location for tubing.

The majority of people go to the beach by way of the day-use area, which is where you'll discover the historical Lake Michigan beach house, playgrounds, and a concessionaire that sells delicious summer food.

The famous Big Sable Lighthouse is accessible by walking on the beach or walking along the 1.8-mile path made of gravel and sand. If you'd like to spend longer in the park, think about camping at one of three campgrounds fully equipped that is being updated and renovated in 2021. There is more work to be completed in 2022.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

5.Indiana Dunes State Park

Indiana Dunes State Park has one of the most natural beaches in major cities located on Lake Michigan. About an hour away from the city center of Chicago The state park's 15 miles fine sand beach offers a refreshing getaway from the heat of the city.

The park is home to eight named beaches. Which one you pick is entirely up to you. The most well-known beach is West Beach, where you'll have benches bathrooms, a bathhouse, and lifeguards on call. In close proximity, Porter Beach is less busy and is equally stunning. If you're looking for something to do in addition to your time at the beach, take a hike along through the Dune Ridge Trail located at Kemil Beach.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

6.Warren Dunes State Park

If soaring up a huge high sand dune that is 260 feet tall, and then rolling down is something you'd like to do then head over for Warren Dunes State Park. The park is 1.5 hours away from Chicago and is the perfect day excursion as well as a getaway on weekends.

Alongside the massive dunes, there is the three-mile stretch of golden sand that is surrounded by the cool, clear water in Lake Michigan. The park covers over 1,952 acres, however, the majority of services and the easiest access to the beach are located in the southern part of the park. Bring all your equipment and food items with you - aside from changing rooms and a bathhouse. No other facilities are available located in the park. The walk is only a few minutes from the parking lot towards the beach.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

7. Holland State Park

It is located inside Ottawa, Michigan. Located in the town situated in Ottawa, Michigan, just a third of the way along on the East Coast from Lake Michigan, Holland State Park is known for its sugar soft sandy. The park is situated between Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa which allows you to choose among beaches along both of the bodies of water.

Naturally, the water is warmer in Lake Macatawa, but the sandy beaches are more appealing to be found on Lake Michigan, so you'll face a difficult decision to make! Alternately, you can keep your head above your water activities by taking along your own water toys hire a paddleboard or other watercraft that are available for rental at the concession stand.

Holland State Park abuts the Historic Ottawa Park Beach. If you stroll to the north along the shoreline, the parks join each other. The park is a perfect spot to enjoy sunsets and the famous Big Red Lighthouse is just across the canal from the park. For the best beach experience, you can consider renting a cabin inside the park or staying in any of two campgrounds that are well-equipped.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

8. Grand Haven State Park Beach

Sand, as well as sand and sand as well as a historic lighthouse, can be found on the coast, which comprises Grand Haven, State Park. Many miles of beach extend south of the Grand River Channel, allowing everyone to have their own private patch of beach. Bring everything you're thinking of and walk a couple of minutes from the parking area towards the shore, which means carrying your gear is easy.

The facilities of the park include restrooms and change rooms, picnic areas as well as concession stands. The playground is close to the parking area in the north. Grand Haven State Park is also a popular place for beach volleyball where courts are set on the soft sand that is just behind the water.

If you've had enough of laying around take a little exercise by walking on the long pier towards Grand Haven Lighthouse. Grand Haven Lighthouse. In the south-facing portion of the park's state park, you'll find Grand Haven City Beach. Beyond this, the beach is more isolated as it goes southwards all the eye can reach.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

9. South Haven Beach

South Haven Beach is one of the top Beaches on Lake Michigan however what distinguishes it from other towns is the town that lies the back. South Haven is your most ideal vacation spot that has a variety of stores and services that sell all kinds of souvenir T-shirts up to hot dogs served on sticks.

The beach is split into two parts: North Beach and South Beach, separated by the Black River. The soft and fine sand is great for lying on or playing Frisbee or building Sandcastles. Get rid of your towel and do some exercise by strolling to the bottom of the pier. There you'll find a lighthouse that has been operational since 1872.

If you've built to build up a thirst or appetite walk back from the beach, along Water Street to William Street. You'll discover a variety of restaurants along the waterfront with patios that are comfortable, perfect to enjoy the constant flow of the boats that traverse the river.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

10. Saugatuck Dunes State Park

If you'd rather escape the crowds in an unspoiled environment, where the only sounds are the waves crashing on the shore, and the cries of seabirds that fly over the shore, the Saugatuck Dunes State Park is the perfect spot for you.

The three-quarter-mile path to the beach is a deterrent for those seeking ease of access to the lake. This favorable situation guarantees you that 2.5 miles of beach, backed by sand dunes some more than 200 feet high are quiet and uncrowded.

The park is situated near Holland's town. Holland in which you can have restaurants and accommodation.

Best Beaches on Lake Michigan

Beaches on Lake Michigan Questions and Answers

Are there Sharks in Lake Michigan?

There aren't sharks found in Lake Michigan. There's also there is no salt present within Lake Michigan: it is an ocean that is freshwater, along with the Michigan sea-grant is a part of commercial fisheries and has guidelines to tackle issues involving invading species, making sure that the water remains clean.

What is Lake Michigan’s Water Temperature?

The temperature of Lake Michigan's waters is variable all through the year. In 2021, summer temperatures averaged around 74 degrees. However, it is much colder in the colder wintertime.

Reports from annual meetings of EPA and the lakes commissions on Climate Change show that temperatures of the surface waters have risen slightly for each one of the Great Lakes since 1995.

What is Lake Michigan-Huron?

Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are linked by The Straits of Mackinac and can be considered as one lake from a perspective of hydrology.

How Deep is Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan has a depth of 922 feet at its deepest point.

Why is Lake Michigan So Dangerous?

Waves that run along Lake Michigan can cause dangerous Rip currents. Based on Jamie Racklyeft, the executive director of the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium, winds are more likely to flow from west to east creating large waves that sweep across the lake.

These waves create tear currents. Do not swim with them and be aware of water temperature and conditions.

Does Lake Michgan Provide Drinking Water?

Lake Michigan provides drinking water to more than one million people living in the surrounding communities.

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