Top 10 Beautiful Places in Chittagong

Beautiful places in Chittagong , there are many tourist sites. This represents 18% of all tourist attractions in Chittagong Division. These are the tourist attractions as well as natural attractions. There are also museums in Chittagong.

Chittagong is located on the banks of the river Karnaphuli, between the hill tracts & the Bay of Bengal. This district is home to Chittagong, the largest coastal city in Bangladesh. This is the gateway to southeastern Bangladesh, where the Hill tracts and Bay of Bengal are located. This area is where roads lead to Bandarban, Rangamati, and Cox’s Bazar.

This is an ancient coastal gateway to Bengal, and a major hub for trade, shipping and business in Bangladesh. It was part of the kingdom Arakan in the sixth and seventh centuries. This port was known to the Arabs since the ninth century AD. This port was probably taken over by Muslim conquerors around the 14th century. They used Chittagong to be the capital city of the Bengali Sultanate.

This district is well-known for its distinctive culture, delicious food, mainly dry fish, and stunning natural beauty. The district has many stunning beaches that you should visit to enjoy unspoiled natural beauty. Patenga is the most well-known beach in Chittagong's western end. Other famous beaches are Parki Beach, and Dakshin Kattali Beach.

You will also find many other natural and historic attractions in the vicinity. Foy’s Lake has been a popular spot in Chittagong. It is the largest man-made lake in Bangladesh. Other attractions include the Ethnological Museum and Batali Hill.

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

Do you want to take a Chittagong trip? This is Bangladesh's second largest city and a beautiful destination. It is the second capital of Bangladesh and one of the most famous coastal cities.
This article will give you the right information and guidance on Chittagong's top tourist destinations. This article will answer all your questions before you plan your trip to this wonderful city.

How to visit Beautiful Places in Chittagong?

Although the distance between Chittagong and Dhaka is 265 miles, it can be covered by bus in about 4 to 5 hours. However, due to congestion on the roads, it may take up to 7-9 hours. Long weekends or long vacations are possible. A train is an alternative. You don't want your day to be ruined by taking the train or bus. Flights are the best way to get to Chittagong. It takes between 50 and 55 minutes to fly, and the cost is quite affordable. Check on ShareTrip Dhaka-Chittagong Flight Update and Price.

When is the best time to visit Chittagong?

It all depends on what you choose and when you have the time. You won't want to miss this area during the winter season in Bangladesh (December-February). This is the best time of year to visit Chittagong. The sun will shine during the day, and it will be cool at night. The rainy season is also a wonderful time. Rain gives nature a cleaner, more natural appearance. These natural surroundings are a stunning sight to behold.

The rainy season is also a wonderful time. Rain gives nature a cleaner, more natural appearance. These natural surroundings are a stunning sight to behold.

Now let's have a look at Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

1. Patenga Beach

Patenga Beach is a very popular tourist spot. This beach is often called "Mini version of Cox's Bazar". It is located 14 kilometers from the city.

The beach isn't very large and swimming here is not advised. You can instead enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The beach is clean and well-maintained. The combination of the cool breeze, the cool tamarisk trees and the sounds of the waves will make you love this beach. There are many options for sitting arrangements. A boat ride can be enjoyed with family and friends. A great place to give out gifts!

Patenga Beach পতেঙ্গা সমুদ্র সৈকত ফটো - জানু ২০২১ - Shafder Hossain

Another great spot to spend quality time with your family and friends is Naval Academy beach. You can reach it in 5 minutes from Patenga beach. It is a wonderful place to relax. Enjoy the stunning views from the beach and the sounds of ships cruising by.

The delicious selection of seafood is another attraction. These delicious seafood are freshly prepared and sold on the beach. Fried crab with cucumbers and onions is the most popular. You can also find fresh fried fishes on the beach.

You can also enjoy a speedboat trip after the refreshments. There will also be seabikes and horses! Although the cost of these services isn't prohibitive, it is worth looking into before you pay.

How to visit Patenga Beach?

There are arrangements for people to travel from all parts of the country to Chittagong. You can travel to Patenga Beach in any of your vehicles. Chittagong is 14 km south of Zero Point. You can get to Patenga by car, CNG, or local bus from Chittagong. It will take an hour to leave Chittagong city. If you want to go by bus, you can find local buses to Sea Beach from several places, including Newmarket, Railway Station Road, Bahadarhat, Lalkhan Bazar Mor, GEC Mor, and Chowk Bazar Junction. If you want to stay in front of Chittagong railway station, you will get bus no. 6 you need to wait for a while. But ask before if it will go to the beach. You can also go if the bus goes up to Freeport or Kathgarh. You can get down from there and go to the beach by easy bike.

পতেঙ্গা সমুদ্র সৈকত - Freedom Travel bd - ফটো - ফেব ২০২১

2.Chandranath Hills and Temples

Chandranath Temple can be found only 5 kilometers from Sitakunda Eco Park. Hinduism claims that Sita's right hand fell here after she self-immolated. It is therefore a 'Shakti Peeth' and a pilgrimage spot.

Shakti Peeth, as Hindu mythology has it, is where Sita's body parts fell following her self-immolation. There are 51 Shakti Peeths in the subcontinent, 7 of which are located in Bangladesh.
This temple is located on Chandranath Hill, which is 1,020ft (310m) above the sea level. It is the highest peak in Chittagong. This hill can be found in the eastern Himalayas.
The most difficult and exciting part of climbing the stairs to the temple is the climb.

The view from the summit is breathtaking. It's a beautiful area with lots of greenery. Fresh air will help you forget all your fatigue. You can then visit the temple, which dates back to ancient times.

How to visit Chandranath Hills and Temples?

Chandranath Hills is located in Sitakundo Upazila of Chittagong district. If you wish to see Chandranath hills, you must first go to Sitakundo.

The fare from Chittagong to Sitakundo by CNG or Autorickshaw And if you want to go by bus, you have to go to Olongkar, A.K. Khan Mor or Kadamtoli in Beautiful Places in Chittagong.

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

3.Bashkhali Beach

Bashkhali beach Beautiful Places in Chittagong makes a great place to be alone. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset, the freedom of red crabs to move, and the feeling of being able to play beach football with others, giving you an earthly sense of fullness.

Bashkhali beach, surrounded by Balumya Belabhumi and Zhouban, is the 2nd most extensive beach in Bangladesh after Cox’s Bazar.

How to visit Bashkhali Beach?

Bashkhali Sea Beach, 40 km from Chittagong district city, is an unconventional travel destination.

From the new Bridge/Bahaddarhat bus terminal in Chittagong city, you can go to Bashkhali beach in local CNG by going down to Gunagori Bazar in CNG or bus.

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

4.Mohamaya Lake

Beautiful Places in Chittagong Mohamaya, one of the most stunning artificial lakes in Bangladesh, is located in Mirsarai in Chittagong. This lake was built on 11 km of hills' laps, two kilometers from Thakurdighi Bazar, Durgapur Union and Mirsarai. It has beautiful waterfalls and mountain caves in addition to its tottering waters and mountain edge. You can also ride a boat and relax by soaking in the cool waterfall water.

How to visit Mohamaya Lake?

Mohamaya Lake is located two kilometers east of Thakurdighi Bazar in Mirsarai. So if you are coming to any part of the country, you first have to come to Thakurdighi Bazar in Mirsarai Upazila of beautiful places in chittagong, Chittagong district.

From Motherbari and Kadamatoli bus stop, you will get buses, CNG, autorickshaws, and microbuses to Mirsarai. Besides, you can come to Thakurdighi Market directly from motherbari in Chittagong city for a fare of bus. From Chittagong city Olonkar City Gate you can get the local bus to reach Thakurdighi. 

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

5.Bawachora Lake

It is almost as if the natural beauty surrounding the lake were a masterpiece of art. The sound of water falling into the waterfall is sweeter than the sound of nupur sound. Beautiful peace was brought about by the sight of water rolling down the mountains from one side to the other. The bird's call in the mountains green is simultaneously heard by the bird. Tourists therefore don't hesitate to throw the fatigue of civic life into Bawachora lake.The lake is called Bawachora because of its location near Baromasi chora. 

How to visit Bawachora Lake?

Bawachora Lake and Waterfalls is located near the small Kamaldah Market in Waheedpur village of Mirsarai Upazila of Chittagong district. The distance from the small Kamaldah Market to The Road is only 1.5 km.

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

6.Sitakundo Eco Park

Sitakundo Eco Park is home to many rare species of trees, which help botany students improve their knowledge. The Botanical Garden houses about 50 varieties of orchids, both domestic and exotic.

The Eco Park has been enriched by mountains, trees, wildlife and birds. Many other fruits and flowers are also found in the Eco Park, including monkeys, rabbits, hanuman and Arjun as well as Arjun, chapalys and jarule. Tun, telsur and chundhul (names of trees)

How to visit Sitakundo Eco Park?

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

Sitakundo Eco Park has located just 35 km from Chittagong city, which is currently considered an extraordinary tourist destination.Sitakundo buses leaves from Motherbari and Kodomtoli bus station n Chittagong. Also, you can go to Fakirhat in Sitakundo by mexi (cab) from Olonkar.

7.Guliakhali Sea Beach

Here is an environment like the Swamp Forest and Mangrove Forests. The vast grass of the green carpet has given a difference to Guliakhali beach Beautiful Places in Chittagong. You will be captivated by the open space of green grass that runs along the coast. 

The small, curved drains that run through the green grass field next to the beach have naturally awakened it. These drains can be filled with water when the tide is in. Anyone will be impressed by the greenery and the water-filled scenes in the small drains. This little-known beach is quieter so you can expect a peaceful atmosphere. Even though there aren’t many waves and roars, the quiet beach will capture your attention in a different way. You can also travel to the ocean in a boat with fishers if you wish. You will need to negotiate with local fishermen in this instance. You will still have time to spare because you are so close to Sitakundo. You can also visit other locations around Sitakundo at this time.

How to visit Guliakhali Sea Beach?

Guliakhali Sea Beach is located in Sitakundo Upazila in the Chittagong district. The beach is also known as Muradpur Beach to the locals.this beach is in Sitakundo, you have to come to Shitakundo first. It is only 5 km from Sitakundo Bazar to Guliakhali Sea Beach. This beach is unique because it has seawaters on one side and a forest of trees (Keora) on the other.

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

8.Bashbaria Beach

Sitakundo Upazila in Chittagong appears to be sitting among all the natural forms. There are beaches, mountains, waterfalls and ancient structures. The Bashbaria Sea Beach has become known as an attractive place for tourists. The natural beauty of Bansbaria beach is a welcome sight. It is lined with zhou trees and offers a natural environment. There are also picnic spots and greenery. Bashbaria beach's most spectacular feature is the sunset. You can also go there in the afternoon. You can cross the ocean by walking on an iron bridge. This is what attracts tourists most. If you wish, you can also travel by speedboat. You will be able to enjoy the freshly extracted palm juice if you visit on a cold day. Best Beautiful Places in Chittagong

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How to visit Bashbaria Beach?

Sitakundo Upazila of Chittagong seems to be sitting with all the natural forms. this beach is in Sitakundo, you have to come to Shitakundo first.

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

9.Kumira Ghat, Sitakundo

Kumira is the name of Sitakundo Upazila's traditional union. Kumira-Sandwip Ferighat, or Kumira Ghat, is most well-known for their journey to Sandeep from Chittagong. To facilitate the ferry ghat's passengers, a JT bridge nearly 1 km long was built. It is also known as Kumira Sandwip Ferighat Bridge or Ghatghar Bridge. When the sky is clear, the high hills of Sitakundu are seen from here.

How to visit Kumira Ghat, Sitakundo?

Safe line service bus from Olonkar or AK KHAN Mor goes to Kumira Ghatghar road.

You can go another way. From Newmarket, the number 7 metro service bus goes to Kumira Ghatghar.

From Kumira Ghatghar road, tomtom/rickshaw goes to Kumira Sandwip Ferighat bridge.

From Sitakundo, you can’t take cng directly to Kumira Ghat. It will be much better if you come by minibus on Kumira Ghatghar road.Top Beautiful Places in Chittagong

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

10.Ethnological Museum

To preserve the history and heritage from small ethnic/tribal/tribal communities in Bangladesh, the Only Ethnological Museum was established in the Agrabad Commercial Area of Chittagong in 1965. The Ethnic Museum of Chittagong is located on 1.25 acres of land. It has the largest collection and size of any museum (Japan or Japan) on the Asian continent. In 1974, the Bangladesh Department of Archaeology opened the Ethnological Museum to the public. The museum contains 11 exhibit rooms that focus on the customs, rituals, and daily life of 29 ethnicities. The museum has also been able to perform a comparative analysis between 25 Bangladeshi and 5 other countries. To show the true flow of small ethnicities, models, artificial environments, wall pictures, and so on are used. Ethnological museums can include the ethnic history from Chakma and Tripura, Marma. Bom. Snow, Kheyang. Chak. Pabekho. Rakhine. Manipuri. Garo. Hajong. Pangan. Garo. Hajong. Mandai. Koch. Santal. Oraon. Dynasty. Palia. Buno. In Pakistan, Sindhi, Kafir and Punjabi are all represented. Fuwa Adi, Mizo and Muria in India, Kirgijstan (former Russia), Australia displays a variety of German artifacts. Every day, the museum is visited by many people who are interested to learn more about small ethnic groups and tribes. The 3 gallery in the museum has 25 items from various cultural groups, including flowers, clothing, ornaments and bamboo pipes. Must - Visit Beautiful Places in Chittagong

Top 10 Beautiful Places to visit in chittagong

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