The Top 10 Best Arcades in Michigan

Historical Best Arcades in Michigan. The arcade video has been in decline since the latter part of 1990, and, as such, they’re challenged to locate. But don’t worry, people who aren’t enjoying the social aspect of video gaming, as the arcade isn’t dead for good. Indeed, Michigan still has a few traces of this beautiful game, so get your coins, as it’s time to visit 10 of the most exciting arcades Michigan has to offer

1. Klassic Arcade, Gobles, MI

Out in Gobles In Gobles, there’s a fantastic collection of tiny outbuildings situated in the middle of the desert. The outbuildings in this group are nothing but Klassic Arcade, an arcade dedicated to the best of the arcade. The arcade isn’t just about the original classics either. However, games such as “Pac-Man” as well as a plethora of machines for pinball will be available, and more contemporary classics like simulation “B.O.T.S.S” and the four-player combat game “The Simpsons” will be available. Explore the assortment of glass-bottled drinks–and yes, it’s true that in Michigan, you can have pop for an unintentional taste during your gaming pleasure.

Klassic Arcade, Gobles, MI

2. The Arcade, Brighton, MI

Go to Brighton to enjoy a taste of the best of both worlds of arcade games! It features some of the most well-known titles of cabinet gaming, from the ease in quarter-gobblers “Space Ace” and “Smash TV” to the most thrilling racing games such as “Hydro Thunder” the place offers the most diverse gaming entertainment from straight games to pinball. It might have a straightforward title. However, the experience is diverse and challenging enough for every fan of games.

3. BAM! Ultimate Entertainment Center, Holland, MI

Today the search for arcades can be a challenge, which is why typically, they are linked to other companies. Holland’s BAM! Ultimate Entertainment Center offers not only arcades and bowling arcade, but also laser tag, bowling, pool leagues, and other activities all in one convenient package. Add a full dinner menu and a bar, and you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to experience the same kind of entertainment you were having, however, with more alcohol this time. Or not at all, depending on.

4. Airway Fun Center, Portage, MI

Similar to BAM! Portage’s Airway Fun Center offers bowling as well, but it also offers an extensive arcade that includes laser tag, go-karts, miniature golf, indoor bumper cars and much more. Include a taproom, complete with food options that include pizza, and other snacks, take the lead; however, salads and shared baskets aren’t too far behind. The experience is even more enjoyable than what other arcades have ever been.

5. Pinball Pete’s, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan’s arcade brand–there exist two branches in Pinball Pete’s, one in East Lansing and one in Ann Arbor. Pinball Pete’s has numerous games from pinball and electronic gaming for you to take pleasure in. When we say “a host,” we mean it, too. This East Lansing location measures over 4,500 square feet. The Ann Arbor store nearly triples its size at 10,000 square feet.

6. The Coin Slot, Traverse City, MI

It’s so wonderful, Traverse City… once again, you have not disappointed us! The place to visit museums, art, high-end food, agriculture, casinos and just about everything else that is in Michigan provides yet again by providing me with not just two but one entry to the arcade-style slot. One of the slots is The Coin Slot, which might appear a bit rough on the outside; however, the inside is a digital paradise of classic games in the traditional arcade-style. The cost of a cover is charged at the gate, which grants access to all kinds of games on the electronic platform, but you must bring your quarters since these games are pay-to-play.

7. Mine Shaft, Houghton, MI

Best Arcades in Michigan

Best Arcades in Michigan

Houghton to check out what’s, according to what we know, the most northern arcade in Michigan and possibly in the entire United States: The Mine Shaft. It features bowling games, an arcade, and miniature golf, along with an entire sports bar, and the restaurant is serious about food and offers items like cedar-planked salmon as well as various pasta food options. The Mine Shaft could readily fit in every major city, but being in Houghton will make it an all-new experience.

8. Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Farmington Hills, MI

In our previous review of top Michigan museums, Marvin’s in Farmington Hills is a must for an arcade due in part to the fact that the majority of the exhibits come directly from arcades, and they are played by visitors. If you want to experience arcade gaming fun that has gone through the ages, it is the best place to be.

9. Dave & Busters, Livonia, Kentwood, Utica, MI

There’s no way to discuss arcades anymore without speaking about Dave & Busters, one of the most popular places that have ever combined games and food efficiently. Three locations in Michigan are Livonia, Kentwood and Utica–players will not just be able to enjoy, they can also watch. In addition to a spectacular combination gaming arcade with a sports bar, and local grill, patrons can get “Pac-Man” by using their wings, as well as many other combinations within.

10. Pinball at the Zoo, Kalamazoo, MI

It’s an arcade; however, it’s only an arcade. A regular event in existence for many years and one that I’ve had the pleasure of being able to attend three times in a row–Pinball at the Zoo is a pinball event that takes pinball machines of every kind and some upright cabinet games and brings the entire collection into a single space at the Kalamazoo Expo Center in Kalamazoo. The result is a collection of pinball machines that are all free to play. It’s an all-you-can-pay affair to play and enter the venue, and many of them haven’t been ever seen in public in the last few decades.

11. Ready Player One

The arcade was decreasing in recent years; however, an ingenuity, a small amount of innovation, and plenty of thrilling extras have breathed an exciting spin on the idea, providing a joyful experience for those who grew up in the arcade’s glorious days or who have not played outside of home consoles. However you define it, there’s a lot of fun to be had, and you should grab your coins and make your way to Michigan to experience the best fun you can have!

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