Bjj Tournaments Michigan 2022

Bjj Tournaments Michigan The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) is the biggest mixed grappling tournaments, with more than 700,000 participants all over the world. NAGA tournaments have no-gi and the gi (BJJ) Divisions. On the 5th of March on a Saturday 2022 NAGA is set to visit the Hype Recreation Center in Wayne, MI for the NAGA Detroit Grappling Championship. Participate as an individual, or in a group to take part. The tournament’s Facebook page is available here. Be sure to sign for updates on the event. Use the hashtag #NAGADETROIT2022 to ensure we can view your photos and videos.

Bjj Tournaments Michigan LOCATION

Hype Recreation Center
4635 Howe Rd.
Wayne, MI 48184

Bjj Tournaments Michigan 2022 INSTRUCTIONS

  • Arrive at the venue about 1 hour prior to your scheduled STAGING date. We usually arrive earlier than scheduled.
  • Do your weigh-in prior to going to STAGING to get your uniform checked. We usually will notify the division you are in 15 mins before the scheduled STAGING time.
  • The kids are able to weigh in as soon they are allowed to weigh in. Adults are able to weigh in whenever they wish so long as there aren’t kids waiting to weigh in. For tournaments lasting two days adults must weigh-in at the time of their tournament.
  • After you have entered the PIT and you are there, you can’t leave unless you have been given permission by your Pit manager.
  • The STAGING time isn’t your time for competition. The competition times are generally broken down into 1 hour blocks, and begin 30 minutes following your STAGING time.
  • Make sure you’re conforming to your Hygiene as well as Uniform guidelines (Page 18/19). You will be required to go through the uniform checker before being allowed entry in the Pit.
  • After you’ve passed the uniform screening, stand at the PIT line as per the mat you’ve chosen. Wait till a coordinator for ringing contacts you.

Bjj Tournaments Michigan COVID-19 PROTOCOL

The Covid-19 procedure information will be made available here during throughout the course of the tournament in accordance with the regulations in force at the date. All information provided here will be the most up-to-date details about the event.


We’re offering a 10% discount to all who sign up within one month of the date of the tournament. Participants who sign up by midnight on February 5 2022, 2022, type 2022DETROIT at checkout on Smoothcomp and the $10 discount will be discounted off your total fee. It is important to note that only one coupon code may be used for checkout per participant per tournament.

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