Top College list in Rangpur

Welcome to the Top College list in Rangpur. Rangpur district residents are very interested in the Top College. The information about Rangpur District’s Top College list in Rangpur is important. Parents of these students must have the correct information in order to receive a better education. We will provide all the details about Top College list in Rangpur.

Top College list in Rangpur

There are many colleges in Rangpur. There are some colleges that are called Government, some that are non-government and some that call themselves National. Rangpur is home to many Colleges. This is the Rangpur Top 10 Colleges.

1.Carmichael College

Carmichael College, Rangpur’s most populous government college, is located there. The college offers higher secondary education. The establishment of a college was initiated by the local zamindars, including Mohimaranjan Roy and Gopal Lal Roy Bahadur. They were also assisted by local people. The college was finally established at Lalbag (4 km/2.5 mi) south of zero point. Lord T.D.G., the first Governor of Bengal was also its founder. Inaugurating the college, Lord T.D.G. Carmicheal in 1916. The college was then named after him. The college was then made national on the 1st of July 1963. It was then placed under the Bangladesh National University in 1992.  Carmichael College offers students an exclusive hall. Students can earn H.S.C., four-year honors or one year masters degrees. It also offers master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Carmichael College has 17 major departments.

More than 25000 students in HSC, Honors and Masters levels are currently studying in this college. The HSC education is controlled by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dinajpur when 18 Honors and Masters subjects are taught according to the guidance of Bangladesh National University.

Eleventh Science: 300
Eleventh Arts: 300
Eleventh commerce: 300
First year (Honors): 3230
Masters (1st phase): 6000 (regular+private)
Masters (final phase): 6000 (regular+private)


The college campus covers 298 acres and is home to many academic buildings, tree orchards as well as ponds. The college has many magnificent buildings. These buildings are almost as old as the college. The campus also contains a large library, Shaheed minar which commemorates the martyrs of the language movement in 1952. A beautiful mosque, a gymnasium, and a Liberation war memorial.

Top College list in Rangpur

2. Police Lines School and College

Police Lines School and College Rangpur, Bangladesh is a private, non-governmental educational institution located in Rangpur District. The Rangpur police district controls the school. It was established in 1986. It is the largest Police Lines School in Bangladesh. Honuman Tola Road (beside Rangpur zoo), Rangpur City, Bangladesh. Located on the midst of greenery of the historical Police Hall, Collectorate Maidan, Shurovi Garden, Rangpur Zoo, Cricket Garden and Rangpur Stadium as well as Rangpur Government College. more details

Top College list in Rangpur

3.Cantonment Public School and College

Cantonment Public School & College in Rangpur’s history can be traced back to 1977, when Brig M. A Latif laid the foundation stone. He was then the commander of the Northern Zone of Bangladesh in Rangpur Cantonment. It was established to educate the children of local elite and cantonment officers. The School Section was established in 1978. In 1981, the College Section was created. Degree Level was added in 1995. In 1993, the English Medium Section was established. The English Medium Section was named later ‘The Millennium Stars’ and functioned under the same principal until October 2010. A new principal was appointed and a separate governing board was established. The institution was founded in 1978, with classes VI through 6. It was extended to class X in 1980, and students appeared for the S.S.C examination in 1982.
Rangpur’s Millennium Stars School and College offers XII-level education.
The colleges, schools, and courses are affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Dinajpur and with Bangladesh National University for the degree course.

Top College list in Rangpur


The institution offers classes in Class KG, Nursery and Seven (VII), Nine (VII), Ten (X), XI, Degrees and Honours. Each class from 1-8 has a minimum 500 student capacity. Classes 9-10 must have at least 1000 students. The institution now has 6000 students.


The campus is adjacent to the Rangpur–Dinajpur highway and half a km away from Rangpur Medical College. It is located opposite of the Chadni Restaurant .

4.Rangpur Government College

The number of students in Carmichael College was reduced to just a few when it became a government institution in 1963. This situation makes it difficult to feel the lack of a college that can provide education for a large number of students. Fulle Hossain was the District Commissioner O.M. Carnie, Assistant District Commissioner Abdus Sattar, District Education Officer Tahemidur Rahman, advocate Abul Khan, Amin Hossain, Abul Salek, Moin Uddin Sarker et. el. have the opportunity to establish a college. The college was also supported by some wealthy people who gave the land immediately. It was finally established on July 25, 1963. It was managed by Rajshahi University from its inception until 1992. It became a government college in November 1984. It was established under Bangladesh National University (Bangladesh National University) in 1993.


The college currently has 16000 HSC, Honors and Masters students enrolled in regular and irregular sessions, with 2400 HSC students. There are 62 teachers. The college offers three major areas of study: science, commerce and arts. Fourteen Honors level subjects offered in this college are given below:Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Zoology,Botany,Bengali,English,Political Science,History,Economics,Islamic History,Philosophy,Accounting,Management.Total number of class rooms is 23.Departments:Bangla,History,Political Science,Economics,Accounting,Management,Physics,Chemistry.


The 5.26-acre site includes four academic buildings. There are two student hostels. The female hostel can house 100 students, while the male host Shahid Moslem Uddin Chattrabas has been retired. There are several extra-curriculum student organizations that operate on campus. These include the Badhon voluntary blood donation club, Red Crescent Society, Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC), and Red Crescent Society.

Address: Rangpur Government College is located at: Radhaballob Road, Rangpur 5400, Bangladesh

Top College list in Rangpur

5.Rangpur Public School and College

Rangpur Public School & College is a well-known school and college in Rangpur. It was established in 2010. It began functioning in 2010. All courses of the college and school are affiliated with Dinajpur’s Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

Address: Near Of Darshana Bacherun Nesa School & College, Darshan More, Rangpur City Bypass, Rangpur 5405, Banglade

Top College list in Rangpur

6.Rangpur govt. City College

Rangpur Government City College (formerly Govt. Rangpur Divisional Headquarters is home to the Commercial Institute, Rangpur, a secondary education institution. Address This is the only government-run institution that offers business education in the greater Rangpur area.

 01, S.C.Chakrabarty Road Haragach Road, Rangpur 5400
more details

Top College list in Rangpur

7.Rangpur Technical School and College

Rangpur Technical School and College, a public educational institution, is located in Kachari Bazar, Rangpur. It was previously known as Government Technical School and College. It was formerly known as Government Technical School and College.

Address: City Bazar Rd, Rangpur

Top College list in Rangpur

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8.Rangpur cadet college

Cadet colleges are institutions that follow the English model of public schools. Rangpur Cadet College, Bangladesh’s sixth cadet college, was established in 1979. With some infrastructure modifications, the former Rangpur Residential Model High school was transformed into a cadet college. The Carmichael College is a nearby educational college. Part of the land that now belongs to the college was taken. In 1979, the college opened with its three initial batches (called the intake), which were in 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. This institution’s first principal was Commander Habibur Rahman. Krittiranjanchakma was the first adjutant, and Hossain Shahnewaz was first College Prefect of CCR (who was assassinated in the BDR Mutiny on 25 February 2009). English became the official language of instruction in 2003 after a government decision to convert the cadet college into English. The English version’s 28th intake was the inaugural batch.


Rangpur Cadet College is located in Rangpur. The college is outside the main city in a suburban area. It is 5 km south of the City Center, and situated beside the Dhaka-Rangpur highway. Long trees made the place more attractive and a canal passes through the campus.
The main features of the campus are:

  • Main academic building
  • Residential houses for cadets
  • Birsreshtho Mostafa auditorium
  • Birsreshtho Matiur dining hall
  • MosqueFront view of college
  • Birsreshtho Nur Mohammad Hospital.
  • Three basic playgrounds
  • Five basketball grounds.
  • Five volleyball grounds
Top College list in Rangpur

9.Rangpur Nursing College

The Rangpur Nursing College, a popular college in Rangpur City, is also a well-known one. There is also a brand new nursing college in Rangpur, Bangladesh. It was established in 2000. Rangpur Nursing College’s location is Rangpur. There are more than 5,000 students. Rangpur Nursing College offers nursing courses to students. They offer many amenities to their students.

Address: Medical East Gate, Rangpur, Bangladesh

Top College list in Rangpur

10.Rangpur Medical College

Rangpur medical college is the largest and oldest Government-funded medical college in Bangladesh. It is located in Rangpur divisional city, which is a traditional old town in the northern part of Bangladesh. It is approximately 330 km from Dhaka. It is situated on the east side Rangpur cantonment. The main gate of Dhaka-Rangpur highway passes by it. Rangpur medical college was established on the 18 th March 1970. This marked a significant milestone in the history and practice of medicine in the northern part of Bangladesh. Many scientists and doctors from this medical college are now working around the globe. This historic medical college played an important role in the 1971 freedom struggle. Many students fought for freedom and gave their lives for the country.It now has a modernized auditorium and 0-3 male and 0-3 female hostels. There is also a 10-storied student hostel, separate intern hostels for male and female, and a 10-storied post graduate student hostel. With an area of approximately 7,600 square meters. The campus contains a Nursing Institute, an Institute of Nuclear Medicine and allied Sciences and a Morgue. There are also Staff Quarters, a Mosque, Shaheed Minar, Staff Quarters and shady playground.

Rangpur Medical College offers MBBS and BDS courses. H.S.C/A level or equivalent exam passed candidates are selected centrally by a single nationwide admissions test each year conducted annually by Directorate General of Health Services. This college also admits students from other countries. Each year, 230 students are accepted in MBBS courses and 50 are admitted to BDS courses. Every year, students from other countries are admitted to this college. It offers postgraduate residency courses (M.D. and M.S.) in medicine, surgery and gynaecology at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. There are also M.Phil, Diploma and Certificate courses in different areas. Rangpur medical college is affiliated to Bangladesh college of doctors and surgeons (BCPS), for post-graduate training in all faculties. After graduation, students can continue their education at this college in any subject.

It also has a separate, large basic science building. The hospital was originally located in the Rangpur sadar hospital building, until the establishment at 1000-bed new hospital setting. It has …. in its hospital setting. There are 34 wards with …. and departments from different specialties. doctors, … interns, …. Nurses and other staff are available to provide 24 hour health care in northern Bangladesh. It now has approximately 1000 beds and a new extension. For dedicated corona service, the hospital was built with a new extension building and 24×7 RTPCR lab.

Address: Rangpur medical mor ,Bhind the Medical ror Joldaka bus stand, Rangpur, 5400

Top College list in Rangpur

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