Top Colleges List in Cumilla

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla is an independent organization. It is the Comilla Board is responsible for organizing public examinations such as

1. Junior School Certificate (J.S.C.)
2. Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.)
3. Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (H.S.C) within the Comilla District, as well as five districts in the nearby district of Comilla Division.

The board was created in 1962, under the East Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Education (Amendment) Ordinance, 1962. See the Best Colleges List in Cumilla

Colleges List in Cumilla

Comilla is among the cities that is most popular in the Bangladesh for higher education. If you are a student who wants to pursue the higher levels and are in Cumilla, Comilla is provide the best opportunity for further education. There are numerous colleges within the Comilla District.


Comilla Victoria College was established in 1899 by Roy Bahadur Ananda Chandra Roy in 1899, and was named after Queen Victoria. Mr. Satyandra Nath Basu was the college's first director. From 1947 to 1947, the college was a part of Calcutta University. From 1925 to 1947,, the college offered honours courses of three years for students in English, Mathematics, Sanskrit as well as Political Science Economics, and Arabic. 

The college began offering the Bachelor of Science courses in 1942 and Bachelor of Commerce courses in 1956. In the year 1968. In 1984-85, the college became postgraduate colleges. Honors courses in five additional subjects were added in the years 1971-72. The Masters Program that included Bangla and Economics began in 1973. The college in 1996 offered honors courses in 16 subjects.

In the years 1962-63, the degree division at the university was relocated into its current campus in Dharmapur located three kilometers from the former campus in Ranir Dighi. The old campus is now home to administration offices for both the vice-principal and principal and teachers' rooms and the principal's residence, a gymnasium and auditorium, library and science labs. The new campus is home to four new buildings . They can be used to conduct academic purposes.

The college currently is home to 18,000 students as well as 130 instructors, honours courses across 18 subjects, and Master's courses covering 16 subjects. There are five dormitories, two for males and one female. More than a thousand students are in these hostels.

Comilla Victoria College has produced many students, teachers civil servants, doctors as well as engineers, politicians and social activists. A large number of students and teachers from the college participated in the conflict for freedom. The students of this college participate at Rover Scouting and Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) activities. They also participate in inter-college competitions and tournaments.

Name of InstitutionCOMILLA VICTORIA Government COLLEGE
EIIN Number105822
Total Students1477
Total A+ in HSC-20958
Percentage of Pass100
LocationCumilla Victoria Govt. College Road ,Cumilla
Phone Number88-081-65988

2.Comilla Govt. College

Cumilla Government College is a college in Comilla, Bangladesh. Cumilla Government College was established in 1968, Nationalization 1975, Founding Principal Mr. AKM Rafiqul Islam. Cumilla Government College offers Masters course, Honours course in four subjects, Degree (pass course) and Higher Secondary Degree.

This is one of the famous college of comilla. Campus is total area 2.6975 acres, But the teachers of this college are very nice and experienced. Over 4000 students study here. There is a pond in this college. There are 5 academic buildings and one office building in this college. It is among the oldest colleges located in Comilla and also in Chittagong division. The campus is situated within three acres which includes its honors and intermediate sections.

EIIN Number105824
Total Students1086
Total A+ in HSC-20423
Percentage of Pass100
LocationPolice Line, Cumilla 3500
Phone Number01851-010334


Comilla Government Women's College began her journey with three teachers and 17 students in 1960 in the heart- the heart of Comilla town, in the mosque hall in monohar pur. It was the name of Mr. mosleuddin the English teacher of Brahmonbaria college was named the director of the college from the beginning. 

All the campus (including the now full Islamic Hostel) was a trust property donated by the now-ab hussam Chowdhury. The son of Nowab Osman Haider Chowdhury , the representative for the trusty board, donated five (five) acres to the college.Gradually the college was made fully-fledged college in the year 1967. Within a few years, it earned the reputation as the 2nd largest and top women's colleges (1st which was Eden Girls College, Dhaka) in Bangladesh.The college was nationalized in 1978. 

The college began offering Honours and Preliminary Master's courses for students in Bangla along with Political Science following its participation in the War of Liberation in the year 1973, under the tutelage of Chittagong University. 

In 1997, the college started Master's and Honour's degrees in Socialwark philosophy, Socialwark, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology. The current student totals around 4,500. The golden jubilee event (1960-2010) at the university was celebrated in a fitting manner, by a large number of students from the past and present and teachers as well as well wishes on the 15th of January 2011. The college has played a crucial role in the improvement of Female education since its beginning.

Name of InstitutionComilla Government Women's College
EIIN Number105821
Total Students1595
Total A+ in HSC-20545
Percentage of Pass100
Phone Number88-081-65853

4.Cumilla Cadet College

Cumilla Cadet College was established on July 1st, 1983. It was renamed to a cadet college by Cumilla Residential Model School & College that was founded in 1968. It was a challenging and time-consuming task to convert the model schools and colleges into cadet schools. The time frame for the transition was from July 1983 until June 30, 1986. On the 7th of April, 1984, the plaque of inauguration for the school was officially unveiled by the Chairman of the Governing Bodies Of Cadet Schools as well as Adjutant General Bangladesh Army, Major General MA Samad , psc.

5th April 1984 is a day that is significant to Cumilla Cadet College, on this morning, for the very first time, the school's campus got vibrant thanks to new 151 fresh Cadets. The same year, Cadets were admitted gradually into classes VII as well as IX. In reality, the total number of cadets grew to 300 by the year 1985.

EIIN Number133844
Total Students49
Total A+ in HSC-2049
Percentage of Pass100.00
LocationKotbari, Cumilla Sadar Dakshin Upazila
Phone Number+88-02-9662672


Ispahani Public School and College was amalgamated into the school in the month of October 1975, and then was named Ispahani Public School and College'. The degree classes in sciences and arts began in 1995, with just 12 students, and then closed in 1996. The kindergarten school in Cantonment at the end of December in 1997 The nursery and KG classes were removed out of the institution. Hostel facilities were shut down in Janauary 1998, and re-opened in July of 1999. Then Hostel was shut down in 2014. 

A English version of the Section in Class VI was introduced in the academic year 2005. Then it was upgraded to Class XII. The present English Version has been shifted to Mainamati International School (MIS) and has been removed from classes XI and XII as the only ones. The computer lab and library are modernized to provide students with the latest in technological and information-based learning.

EIIN Number105826
Total Students635
Total A+ in HSC-20460
Percentage of Pass100
LocationComilla Cantonment 3501
Phone Number081-80114

Colleges List in Cumilla


Juranpur Adarsh University College is taking a lead role in the spread of education in the larger Daudkandi region. The college is consistently acknowledged as one of the top schools within this region.The freedom fighter that founded the college Major General (Retd.) Subid Ali Bhuiyan, the hero of the 1971 revolution has constructed the Juranpur Adarsh Complex with 33 institutions spread over 133 acres of his personal land thanks to tireless efforts. 

As a fresh component to the complex Juranpur Adarsh College was inaugurated on February 21st, 1993. In the following academic year 1995-96 degree courses were offered as well. Juranpur Adarsh Degree College was changed to. Juranpur Adarsh University College was changed to Honors Course from the academic year 2012-13 as a continuation of the development of education.

EIIN Number105578
Total Students350
Total A+ in HSC-2072
Percentage of Pass100.00
LocationDaudkandi, Comilla
Phone Number+880 1814803406

Colleges List in Cumilla


In the first quarter in 2000 under direction by Selim Raza, who was the founder college's principal local dignitaries decided an educational institution should be established in Burichang Upazila in order to provide the best education available. In the end, Sonar Bangla College was established along the Comilla-Burichang route in Gobindapur village, which is part of the Sholanal union of the Burichang upazila.

EIIN Number105330
Total Students367
Total A+ in HSC-20161
Percentage of Pass100.00
LocationGobindapur, Bharasar Bazar, Burichang
Phone Number01938284776

Top Colleges List in Cumilla

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8. IBN Taimiya School & College

IBN Taimiya School & College Comilla started in 1979. It was initially started as a Kindergarten and later became a High School, and later in 1996, the college sections were introduced.Since the start of the school, it has scored 26 times in the top ten positions in the SSC as well as the C and the HSC Examinations, achieving 4th, 5th and 6th. To be able to earn 1st 2nd, 3rd, 5th 9th, 11th 13th and 14th stands in the Comilla Education Board and doing impressive results in the Junior Scholarship Exams and has been rated to be one of the top schools not just in the Comilla district, but across the nation.

The eminent members of the Ibn Taimiya Trust, Governing body, and, above all the efficient principal as well as teachers at the school are sincerely trying to ensure that the students are well moral and achieve excellent outcomes. In this competition the institution organizes a variety of programs including Guardians" assemblages and supervision of teachers in the student's homes important efforts to ensure that students are present in classrooms as well as other activities.

The class tests as well as weekly and periodic tests, and two semesters during the 1st. year. Two semesters in the 2nd year. This keeps the students extremely busy with their study.

Name of InstitutionIBN Taimiya School & College
EIIN Number105751
Total Students520
Total A+ in HSC-20181
Percentage of Pass100.00
LocationEPZ Road, Tomsom Bridge, Comilla
Phone Number081-76744

Colleges List in Cumilla

9.Shashidal Al-haj Mohammad Abu Taher College

Shashidal Al-Haj Mohammed Abu Taher College is a most sought-after places listed as a school in Comilla. Shashidal Al-Haj Mohammad Abu Ther College is an Higher Secondary College situated in Shashidal, Brahman Para, Comilla, Chittagong in Bangladesh. It is a Non-Government College. The level of education is called Higher Secondary .

Name of Institution Shashidal Al-haj Mohammad Abu Taher College
EIIN Number105247
Total Students387
Total A+ in HSC-2040
Percentage of Pass100.00
LocationB.Baria Bypass Road, Shashidal, B-Para, Cumilla.
Phone Number 01710219071

Colleges List in Cumilla

10.Kalikapur Abdul Matin Khasru Govt. College

Kalikapur Abdul Matin Khasru Digree College is an academic institution located in Kalikapur Burichang Comilla. Their institute number (EIIN) is 131985. The institute was established on July 1, 1997. The institute has three disciplines that include Humanities, Business Studies and Science.  It has Day shift. Its management is Governing body.

Name of Institution Kalikapur Abdul Matin Khasru Digree College
EIIN Number131985
Total Students388
Total A+ in HSC-2075
Percentage of Pass100.00
LocationComilla - B.Baria Bypass Road, Kalikapur Kacha Bazar, Comilla
Phone Number01711-340290

Colleges List in Cumilla
Kalikapur Abdul Matin Khasru Govt. College

11.Comilla Commerce College

Comilla Commerce College was founded on the 06th of January, 2005. The institute is comprised of three disciplines which include: Humanities, Science, Business Studies. It has Day shift. Its management is spical.

Name of Institution Comilla Commerce College
EIIN Number131903
Total Students170
Total A+ in HSC-200
Percentage of Pass100.00
LocationComilla Sadar Dakshin, Cumilla
Phone Number01915441280

Colleges List in Cumilla
Comilla Commerce College

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