Education Board Result 2022 – JSC, SSC and HSC.

Education Board Result is one such word that is familiar to everyone. This is an official publishing site of Bangladesh Education Ministry. The website url is It provides all the public exam results. Many of us don’t understand how you can download exam results from the website. Are you among those? If so, go through this article. Because in this article we are going to talk about how to check exam result from

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  • How to collect result from,
  • and step-by-step method of examining the results of public exams including JSC, SSC and HSC.

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Education Board Result

Education Board result is the official website to publish JSC, SSC and HSC results in Bangladesh.

Do you know the webmaster of this site? You probably don’t. Since it’s a government owned educational website.

This website is operated by Bangladesh Education Ministry. The website was launched in 2004. Since then, it has been working well for the digitalization of Bangladesh.

How to Check Result from Education Board

We will describe step-by-step process of conducting the results on Board results site.

Step-by-step process as described below.

The very first step for collecting result from The very first step for collecting result from is visiting the website. There is a menus like this.  is visiting the website. There is a menus like this.

1st step go to website -

2. Examination- Education Board Result 2022

select Examination option. It will look as follows. Check out the image below for Education Board Result -2022

Education Board Result

Select => JSC/JDC  for Junior School Certificate.

Select => SSC/Dakhil for Secondary School Certificate.

Select => SSC(Vocational) for Technical Education Board's Secondary School Certificate or Vocational.

Select => HSC/Alim for Higher Secondary School Certificate.

Select => HSC(Vocational) for Technical Education Board's Higher Secondary School Certificate or Vocational.

Select => HSC(BM) for Technical Education Board's Bachelor in Management.

3. Year - Education Board Result 2022

select Year option -in this selection you must select the year you took your test from. Click on 2022 to view the result of your examination for the year 2022. Look at the following image to get an the idea.

4. Board - Education Board Result 2022

From the drop-down menu, you have to select your education board. Look at the following image to get an the idea.

5. Roll - Education Board Result 2022

On this empty area, you must enter the roll number you used for your exam. If you've lost your roll number, then you can discover it on the admit card.

Be aware of one thing: you need to do is be completely correct in when you enter the your roll number. If you typed incorrectly the roll number, you aren't able to verify your results.

6. Registration No - Education Board Result 2022

The registration number is the number that is unique to each of the year-long student's identity.

It is necessary to enter the correct registration number on the Registration number form. It is important to type it correctly by looking the admission card.

7. Captcha Challenge - Education Board Result 2022

In this challenge, you will have to figure out the math problem given. You might be asked to add two numbers.

Follow the procedure correct to verify your results. You will not be able verify your results until you've solved the problem. is the website address of Education Board Result. This is the website which provides results for the past 15 years. You can access all kinds of results of the public examination on this site.

The domain was registered on 2004. And it is a Alexa rank of 3000. The authority of the domain for the website is 75.

There are many websites that link to this site. Every website recommends visiting this site because it's the only website that can give you the results.

It is a matter of great concern that people like Hablu & Dablu are registering domain look like There's a reason for the registration of this type of domain.

Many people believe that if they could get a position on the Google search results for that site, they will see an enormous amount of traffic as a results. Some are already profitable. If the domain is similar to this one, people are more likely to click on this result.

Do you remember, have you ever visited this site? If you've never visited the site, then you must visit it whenever you can. Because by visiting you can easily collect your desired result.

Education Board JSC/JDC, SSC/Dakhil, HSC/Alim Result 2022

Education Board is going to reveal the JSC results. The results are scheduled to be announced on December 31st 2021. The exam was conducted on November 2.

Education Board authority will publish the results via its website on 12:30 p.m. After the declaration you will be able to collect the results in a variety of ways.

The final report is available to be downloaded from the official Board's website. the Board.

How can I Collect it?

Check SSC Result 2021

How do I collect it? is a difficult problem to solve. Since many of us believe that it's very difficult to verify the results of JSC on the Education Board website. However, at the beginning of this post, we've provided you with the complete procedure for obtaining any result you want from the site.

In the process of collecting JSC results is similar to gathering other results from the Board website. For our assistance we're going guide you through a how to collect JSC results step-by-step. We hope that by following these steps, you will be able to easily get results from the Education Board result website. Let's start.

1. First step is to go to the site using your favorite internet browsers. The website will load within only a couple of seconds. Then, you need to select the name of your exam. Since you've participated in the JSC examination then you must select JSC/JDC.

Step 2. Step 2: You have choose your exam year that is 2021. You must enter your roll number and registration in specific empty spaces. There are Captcha problems. You need to resolve every Captcha to get the year's outcome.

Step 3. 3: This is the final step to verify the result from the website. In this stage, you'll be asked to click the submit button. Be cautious when clicking submit. There is an reset button located next to the the submit button. Once you press submit, your results will be displayed upon the screen. You can save the results on your smartphone or laptop. You can also opt to print out the results.

Dhaka Education Board

Dhaka Board is the largest education board in Bangladesh. It was founded during the Pakistan period.

There are numerous offices within this board. It employs thousands of people. They are tirelessly working to develop the education system in Bangladesh.

It houses hundreds of Educational Institute under Dhaka Board. The official website of Dhaka Board is

What do you get you get Dhaka Education Board?

You can obtain all kinds of notices, circulars and current news and notices on the official website of Dhaka Board. You can also obtain exam results on their official web site. Dhaka Board. In the last few days SSC results for scholarship has been released by this Board.

The website server is active throughout the period of publication of results. Let's say, we will talk about JSC results 2021. The date when the results 2021 will be revealed by the students' authority from Dhaka board will be able to check Dhaka board's website.

However, it's a matter of immense sadness that you are unable to get your results from this site. Since there isn't a way to verify JSC, SSC and HSC results of this educational board. You can check the Education Board result.

You can also check the results of your scholarship on this site. Follow the link below to go to Dhaka Board.

Rajshahi Education Board

Rajshahi education board is scheduled to announce JSC exam results. Education Board is the second largest educational body in Bangladesh. It is responsible for the advancement of education in the country.

The JSC results of Rajshahi board is easily accessible. For doing this you have to visit

On the website, you'll have an easy way of looking up the results. Select first the jsc/jdc option. After that, click on Rajshahi Board.

Once you have entered your roll number and registration. Then click the submit.

Chittagong Education Board

Chittagong board will publish the results on their website. The results from Chittagong Board will be published on December 31 , 2021. Following the announcement of the results, it will be accessible on the Chittagong Board website.

You can then download the exam results by with your roll and registration number. Did you take part in an exams conducted by this Board? If so, then welcome to our post.

In this section of the article, we will demonstrate how you can download the Chittagong Board result very easily.

As per the structure of the website it is necessary to enter your exam year, your roll number, and the registration code. Then, you will be able to download your exam results on the website of the education board.

Jessore Education Board

According to reports, Jessore Education Board is the most rapidly developing school board within Bangladesh. Although there are some hurdles but the board is growing extremely quickly. Have you taken part in any public examinations with this board? If so, then you know more than you think that this board is extremely good in the field of education.

Recently, the Jessore Education Board has completed exam. The examination started on November 2, 2021 , and concluded on the 17th of November 2021. Now, the board is prepared to announce the results. If you've participated in the JSC examination, likely you are searching for the results.

The procedure for obtaining the result on this board's board's is exactly the same as the method used to download the result of any other board.

Website List Bangladesh Education Board

  1. Dhaka Board
  2. Rajshahi Board
  3. Barisal Board
  4. Dinajpur Board
  5. Chittagong Board
  6. Cumilla Board
  7. Sylhet Board
  8. Jessore Board
  9. Madrasah Board
  10. Technical Board

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