10 Best Harem Anime Of All Time

Harem is a type of anime that is made up of polygamous relations. While in some cultures polygamous relationships are accepted, however, they are an issue that is taboo in many societies, and having more than one partner is even considered unacceptable. Different societies might take a different view regarding this issue, however, in the world of anime shows that are based on polygamous relationships enjoy an enormous fan base to the point they’re split into two distinct genresHarem and reverse harem. Harem animes are well-known for their many love interests. These are some of the most beautiful Harem Anime Of All Time.

While the former is centered around male protagonists with many partners, the latter is a female-focused story where the protagonist is surrounded by numerous male love interests. Though both are very enjoyable, we’d prefer to focus our attention on harem-based shows. The majority of these harem-themed anime can be streamed via Netflix, Amazon Prime, Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Best Harem Anime Of All Time

Television has always loved romantic tropes that have multiple romance potentials and vague romantic descriptions. Anime ups the ante by adding a harem category. The sitcom format has stood the test of anime time and viewers can now enjoy a variety of harem anime titles if they are looking for some exaggerated sexuality and gender dynamics.


Rent a Girlfriend is a new title in this list. It features one of the most memorable opening songs in modern anime. Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student, is the protagonist this time. At the beginning of the anime, his girlfriend became his ex-girlfriend. He sought comfort and rebound by finding comfort in an app that rented a girlfriend.

They quickly realized they were incompatible, but it was too late as they had to pretend to be in a relationship to please Kazuya's grandmother. Kazuya's fake relationship is challenged by more quirky and colorful girls.

  • Release date: July 11, 2020
  • Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, school

Harem Anime Of All Time

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2.Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

This is a rare one: Harem, but the main characters can swap bodies. This is what Yamada_kun and Seven Witches are doing. It all began with Ryuu Yamada, a student who was transferred to the university and accidentally kissed an honor student.

Both discovered that they could switch bodies after a kiss, to their mutual surprise. They are now part of the Supernatural Studies Club, where they have made it their mission to discover if other people share this ability.

  • Release date: April 12, 2015
  • Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, supernatural, school

Harem Anime Of All Time

3.Nisekoi: False Love

Raku Ichijou's yakuza heritage has been a barrier to his ability to find normality in his daily life. It becomes a curse when Raku's family is displaced by the American Bee Hive Gang. To stop violence from escalating in the area, Raku must pretend that he is in a relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki (the daughter of the Bee Hive chief).

The two teens hate each other and Ichijou's problems are made worse by Ichijou meeting girls from his past and future. Based on Naoshi Koi's manga series, Nisekoi is, without doubt, one of the most entertaining harem anime. Its chaotic but hilarious premise makes it a fun watch. All episodes can be found on Funimation.

  • Release date: January 11, 2014
  • Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, school

Harem Anime Of All Time

4.The Quintessential Quintuplets

Fuutarou Uesugi, like most harem anime characters, is a shy and socially inept young man. This is almost a requirement for the current genre. His father and Uesugi are also in financial trouble. Uesugi is more mature than the other harem characters and decided to help his father by taking up a tutoring job for a wealthy family.

Uesugi initially was baffled by the five-fold wage increase. He didn't know he would be tutoring quintuplets or five children who were born in the same birth. All of them are adorable girls with different attitudes, but they share the same pink hair. This makes the whole situation a bit odd since they all appear to be different shades of the exact same person.

  • Release date: January 11, 2019
  • Other themes/genres: School, comedy, romance

Harem Anime Of All Time

5.The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia might seem like a normal harem anime, with its usual cast of lively girls and quiet boys. But it is more complicated because it features some deeply-rooted psychological issues. It all begins when Yuuji Kazami, a transfer student, enters a school. He was initially excited to start a new life, but he soon found himself disappointed by his first day.

Soon, he discovers that the school has no student population except for the principal and five other girls. Yuuji discovers a strange and bizarre quirk in the unusual situation. He socializes with the girls to uncover their trauma.

  • Release date: October 5, 2014
  • Other themes/genres: Drama, romance, psychological, school

Harem Anime Of All Time

6.Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Tenchi Muyo is harem anime that has a unique premise. Tenchi Muyo takes the crown for best harem anime. The mecha and fantasy add to make it somewhat of an. However, Kenshi Masaki, the protagonist, was spirited off to a strange land and given the task of piloting a mecha to assassinate a crown empress.

He failed to accomplish this, but his gender, which is unusual for mecha pilots in the land Geminar, saved him. Kenshi was trained by the empress to be a mecha pilot in the army of female mecha pilots.

  • Release date: May 22, 2009
  • Other themes/genres: Fantasy, comedy, mecha, isekai, ecchi

Harem Anime Of All Time

7.Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Saekano's charming (albeit predictable) plot might be a delight, despite the title is a bit strange. Otaku Tomoya Aki decided one day to realize his dream of creating his own visual book. He enlisted the help of some old friends and acquaintances, all of whom are female, to complete the project.

The visual novel he had in mind was definitely romantic. The visual novel they are creating is not only romantic in theme but also a dating simulator. They all accidentally pour their hearts and souls into creating the visual novel in the most authentic and "methodical" way possible.

  • Release date: January 16, 2015
  • Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, ecchi, school

Harem Anime Of All Time

8.Hayate the Combat Butler!!

Hayate the Combat Butler is a solid classic in the harem genre. It's due to its mix of genres as well as the lighthearted approach to a very difficult plot. Hayate Ayasaki's parents abandoned him after they had accumulated a huge amount of debt. The Yakuza sells him to them and he plots to escape by kidnapping a wealthy girl to pay his parents' debts.

Hayate believed her kidnapper was confessing his love for her, which was either fortunately or unluckily. She forgave him and even offered him a job to be his butler. The wealthy girl's female entourage, who inadvertently falls for him, is also part of the chaos.

  • Release date: April 1, 2007
  • Other themes/genres: Action, comedy, romance

Harem Anime Of All Time

9.Rosario + Vampire

Are you looking for an alternative to the harem anime? Monster girls are a great alternative! Rosario +Vampireexamines this idea. Tsukune Aono, the protagonist, enrolls at Youkai Academy because of his parents' inability to pay. However, he soon learns that it is a school for supernatural creatures like succubi, werewolves, and vampires.

He falls in love with Akashiya Moka, one of the monster girls. They consider him a dear friend because he is the only human at the academy. Tsukune is not always in ecchi situations or opportune times. He also helps the girls deal with the most pressing issues at school.

  • Release date: January 3, 2008
  • Other themes/genres: Comedy, romance, fantasy, school

Harem Anime Of All Time

10. Hundred

Savage, an extraterrestrial race, threatens humanity with an existential threat. It intends to wipe out humanity from the face of the Earth. A weapon called Hundred must be used in a proper manner to counter the aliens' attack. It was discovered that the rare weapon is compatible with Hayato Kisaragi (a teenager who survived a deadly Savage attack) after several tests.

Hayato's training at Little Garden, a highly regarded military academy, is essential before he can launch an actual attack against the enemy. The teenager quickly rises to the top as the greatest hope for humanity in an epic struggle for survival. She is attracted to several female peers at the academy and has many intimate encounters.

  • Release date: 2016

Harem Anime Of All Time

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