How to check pregnancy at home with kit

If you’ve decided to have a baby and have long waited for a “good announcement’ the home pregnancy kits can be a convenient method to check your pregnancy at your home. This amazing product is available in a variety of health stores. It will tell you whether you’re pregnant or not, without having to visit the doctor. 

A pregnancy test kit at home is a tool to detect that you are carrying human gonadotrophin chorionic (HCG) the hormone released by the body when you become pregnant. It is present in blood and urine. The test kit for home pregnancy is a tool to check the presence of the hormone in the urine of your child. The kits are easy to use however If you’re confused this guide will help you use a pregnancy test kit from home.

How to check pregnancy at home with kit: Follow these steps.

1. Select a home pregnancy test kit

There are kits for pregnancy of various brands, and each of them works using the same method of detecting the levels of hCG in urine. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind when purchasing kits for pregnancy is to examine the expiration date. Check that the packaging is in good condition and the product is of a newer model. 

Check for brands that included two test sticks inside a box, so that in the event that you wish to conduct the test again, you do not have to go back to buy the test kit. Don’t make use of the test kit if it has been stored in your pantry for a long time. Purchase a new one every time you’re planning to test for the possibility of pregnancy.

2. Read the instruction manual provided inside the box

When you’ve got your pregnancy testing kit, make sure you, take your time to prepare the manual thoroughly. The majority of kits have the exact same instructions, however, any time you buy an entirely new one, make sure you carefully read the instruction manual and follow it. 

The symbol on the stick to indicate whether you’re pregnant or not could be different for different brands. The method used to collect the urine collection could differ. Check out the instructions manual to get familiar with your test kit.

How to check pregnancy at home with kit

3. Select a time for the test

The timing of your period is vital for the test at home kit, and it is recommended to wait at least one day after your period has stopped before taking the test. It is the best way to be able to get the most accurate result when you wait one week prior to taking the test. It is recommended to have the test completed as soon as you get up in the morning since your urine is likely to have the highest amount of hCG in the morning.

4. Prepare yourself to take the test

You’re likely to be anxious to discover if you’re expecting or not. However, it is important to take a moment to relax and take enough time. Before you pull out the test stick clean your hands with soap and warm water.

5. Take the test

You can either put urine in small plastic containers to test it or could directly urinate on the stick used to test for pregnancy. To test, you should use the midstream urine. This is when you have to urinate prior to urinating on the stick or placing the urine in containers. 

Follow the directions when you urinate on the stick since certain brands require that you use the stick to urinate for a certain amount of period of time. You may use a stopwatch for this. If you’re urinating in direct contact with the stick ensure that the display is facing upwards and you’re urinating on the absorbent portion of the stick.

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6. If you are collecting urine for the test

If you’d rather use this method of using cups, drop the absorbent section of your test stick inside the glass with the urine and keep it there for 5-10 seconds or according to the directions provided inside the package. You may also make use of a dropper to apply urine onto the test stick.

How to check pregnancy at home with kit

7. Let it stand for some time

You must keep the test stick in a straight position and be patient for the appropriate duration of time for the reaction to occur. The typical waiting time is between 5 and 10 minutes. So, grab an iced tea and then examine the results. The test stick may contain an elongated line or a timer symbol, which indicates that the stick you are testing is working in a proper manner. You can use a different one if it’s not functioning properly.

8. The result

Examine the symbols to determine whether you’re expecting them or not. The symbols could vary for different brands, so make sure to read the instruction booklet included in the package. The majority of the home pregnancy test kit uses either a plus or minus symbol. If you get a positive test result, consult your doctor.

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