How to Recharge a Disposable Puff Bar

Do you want to know how to charge the Puff Bar disposable? If you’re familiar electronic cigarettes, you’ll be interested in knowing how to charge the latest and more sophisticated devices. Alongside e-cigarettes Puff bars can be recharged in the office. Below are some of the most common issues you could face when trying to charge your device that is disposable. If you encounter any issues tell us about it in the comments section below!

An Puff Bar Disposable Vape is now the most well-known disposable device on the market and has surpassed Blu E-Cigs. The commercials that promote it make it even more famous than ever before, and it’s an excellent alternative for people who smoke. The stylish design and affordable price make it an attractive option particularly for those who don’t smoke.

Let’s begin! How to Recharge a Disposable Puff Bar


  1. The first step is to use the screwdriver to open the top part of the vape disposable. Do this carefully. Then, you can pull out the contents.
  2. When you remove the battery, do not disconnect it. You just need to pull it out so that the cables are exposed. Take note of the way the entire thing was assembled including the black sensor protector since you’ll have to put everything back in the same way.
  3. Then, remove your USB cord and remove the charging end while leaving the USB connection end in tact.
  4. Remove the rubber insulation around each of the USB wires. Exposed about an inch for each wire.
  5. Connect the two wires which don’t have black, red or silver. They’ll be green and white. Remove them from the way.
  6. There will be two wires remaining two wires, one red and a silver or black one. Connect the red wire of the USB cord to the black or silver in the bar that is on your puff. Be sure that the wires only touch each other and not touching anything else.
  7. The same procedure is applicable to the black cord of the puff bar as well as the USB cord’s silver or black one. In essence, you connect the negative and positive terminals to form an electrical circuit.
  8. Connect into the USB cable into your power bank, then switch the power on.
  9. The puff bar should be charged on your charger of choice for a couple of minutes at one time. Be sure to keep it in a secure place.
  10. After charging for around 5 minutes, you can take the battery off and then reassemble it. Be sure to turn off the power before you touch any other device.
  11. Then test the vape pen to determine whether the titanium battery requires more time to charge.
The 4-Hour Work Week

If you own an puff bar and you would like to know ways to power it. It is possible to use a standard usb cable for this. To do this, take off the cap on top and tiny pieces of silicon. The device is activated, then insert the charging cable, and let it charge. When the light in blue blinks and the blue light stays on, it’s time for a replacement. In the event that it doesn’t, you’ll need an entirely new puff bar.

If you’re not looking to purchase a new usb cable, you can make use of your existing USB cable for charging your puffbar. To charge your puffer, first dismantle it and then unplug your circuit board. Then, plug an charging cable in the unit. If it does not work, try using an old version. Alternately, you can purchase another one and charge it.

If you are planning to recharge an e-cigarette that is disposable it is best to first remove the device. After that, you need to take off the electronic circuit. Then, take out the battery. If the e-cigarette you are using is brand new it is necessary to replace it when it is depleted of juice. Find the battery pack, and then remove it. After you have replaced the cap on top then you simply need to connect the e-cigarette again.

In the event that your Puff Bar is running low on battery, you’ll have to charge it using an outdated USB cable. Once the battery has been completely charged, its blinks off. You’ll then need to turn on the device and wait for air to fill the device. Then, your Puff Bar should be ready to use. If the device is dead, you should hold off until the battery recharges itself.

If you’re thinking of how to charge Puff Bar You’ll require an older USB cable. The exact cable that you use to recharge Puff Bars. Be sure to have enough power in your battery to power your Puff Bar. If you don’t own an old USB cableavailable, you may make use of your existing USB connector instead. This technique is applicable to every recyclable Puff Bar.

The majority of disposable Puff Bars aren’t rechargeable. They aren’t rechargeable. They can only be charged with an appropriate charger. However, if you find that your Puff Bar isn’t in good condition it is possible to purchase another one by disconnecting the circuit board for the speaker and then adjusting the battery. So long as you have an active charger, you will be able to use your old Puff Bars until the battery is out.

Although the disposable Puff Bar will last for more than a year but it doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries. It is therefore required replacement as fast as it is feasible. Fully charged Puff Bar comes with an average battery life of 200 puffs and the battery can last for a long time. This kind of charger will only function for the initial time, so you’ll have to be extra cautious.

If you don’t want purchase a new one each time you want to use the product, you can make use of the standard USB charger to charge the Puff Bar. This will allow you to charge disposable e-cigarettes, and refill their juice. The cap’s top surface is covered with a layer of silicon, and a coating of cotton. The blue light indicates it is prepared to use.

Possible Risks

Recharging the disposable vape can be time-consuming and potentially risky. The bottom line is that Puff bars shouldn’t be recharged. It’s better to purchase a new device.

The greatest risk when the repair of a vape is the fact that the devices don’t come with a protection circuit board.

However, I do appreciate and respect the effort to get the most value out of the experience of.

To ensure you’re secure while working there are some potential dangers to be aware of.

  • A majority of devices just collapse once you try to open them. The manufacturers design these electronic cigarettes to ensure that they’ll last their lifetime and then end up being discarded and charging them will not be successful.
  • Mismatched wires. If you don’t connect the wires correctly to the battery properly you may damage the battery or overcharge the battery, which could cause that it to explode.
  • It is possible to overcharge your vape. Because recharging disposable devices is not advised because it doesn’t come with any batteries or circuitry to charge it. Additionally, if you keep the battery connected for too long, it could harm the battery. It may also begin to overheat, which can cause damage to other components.
  • Short circuit. If the two wires hanging from the ceiling come into contact, they can cause a short circuit that could damage your bank and the puff bar.
  • You might not be able in putting the old puff bar together. If you force the pieces to fall apart, you might end up damaging these pieces to the degree where they’ll not be able to connect in the way they were intended to.


It’s hoped that none of the issues mentioned above are present, and you’ll in a position to get the maximum from your puff bar. But more importantly it is hoped that you won’t hurt yourself while trying to charge your device.

However, in the end, it’s more convenient, safer to do, and is more beneficial change the part that you use for puffs, or purchase an e-cigarette that comes with an electric charger.

Also, keep in mind that vape products aren’t healthy since they contain unstable organic substances that could cause harm to your health. In addition, they typically contain nicotine, which is a chemical that can be addictive.

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