How to Start Online E-commerce Business in Bangladesh

Presently, the most effective and expanding industry worldwide has to be Online Business. Today, the world is moving with digital marketing. Traditional business is fighting with online business. A majority of industries or businesses has commenced their operations through the internet. The online business is particularly popular with young entrepreneurs as they can earn money while they working in online marketing the absence of work in business, or any other occupation. This tutorial will explain on how to start your own online company in Bangladesh. The business of online is now the most lucrative online business option in Bangladesh because of its access. If you’re interested in establish your own online company in Bangladesh first, you will require several essential components. Follow the steps below to begin the process of establishing your own online company in Bangladesh.


There’s been plenty of positive feedback from the running of an online business. But running an online business requires many. It is essential to figure out the best way to help your business succeed by partnering with the top partners and agencies. There isn’t a shortcut however, following a set of guidelines, and the right team, could be feasible. The article below you’ll learn the fundamentals and the best practices to start planning to market through the use of e-commerce.

First you need to understand the types of e-commerce that are available in Bangladesh and then make a decision according to your sources. At present, three types of E-Commerce are in use in Bangladesh and they include:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

In comparison to other countries, Bangladesh is one of the countries that has been late to enter in E-Commerce. However, the e-commerce industry has seen rapid growth in just a few months. E-commerce could become the latest major engine of economic growth. It is estimated that the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) is the body that regulates trade for E-commerce in Bangladesh estimates that there are 700 websites for e-commerce and 8000 e-commerce websites on Facebook. It is evident that Facebook is still a very popular platform to advertise and sell products and services, to the point that many companies fail to build their own e-commerce sites which is the place the first error made!

Many development agencies have gotten online using websites and facebook pages for their shops in Bangladesh and have realized the importance of having a website to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information. It is also important for a well-planned branding and marketing strategy of the company to keep it going over the long term. A Facebook page on its own won’t be able to promote your brand’s image and marketing strategy, and consequently, growth of sales in the near future.

How to Start Online E-commerce Business in Bangladesh

1. Domain: Domain typically is the name used for the website, such as, and and so on. Domain refers to a website or business name you wish to begin your online venture in Bangladesh.

2. Hosting hosting is a service offered by servers owned by people and businesses can create their own websites and also offering Internet connectivity. Imagine you are planning to build an apartment for yourself and you choose the name you want for your home (Name of your home will be it’s Domain). You’re now planning to build your home using 5 stores, each one forming a particular space , like 5 Catha’s 10 Catha’s, 50 Catha’s or 5 Catha’s. Hosting is where you choose the space or location for your home. Domain is a name, address or number while hosting refers to the place in which you store your database or files that are essential. You can choose 1GB, 2GB or 5GB or unlimited hosting with the hosting provider according to the requirements of your company.

3. Website creation: Once you have selected a the domain and hosting provider the main task is to build a website. Before you can create a websites, you should select a category for your website such as classified ads, e-commerce website, portfolio site, personal websites, corporate websites or any other. In this case you could develop a site that meets your needs by hiring an established or professional web development firm. If you’re skilled in web development, you could build your own website. We can help you to design your website at ZHost Bangladesh provide top-quality E-Commerce sites, such as company individual Site for Classified Add, and more. as per your requirement. We provide 24/7 support to our cherished customers.

4. Basic understanding of online marketing: You will be able to comprehend the basics of online marketing. We can help you to begin your business by providing the best business plan for online. Start with hosting or a website business. If you’re interested in establish a website, we’ll offer you all assistance and tools needed to begin and grow your online business in Bangladesh. We will give you a guideline on the people you want to reach and the best way connect with your target audience. We’ve already uploaded a instructional videos on online business in Bangladesh. You can get an ideas for online businesses through our YouTube channel as well as our Face Book blog. We have discussed in our previous tutorials on Face book Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and other ways to market. If you need help, you can refer to the following tutorial. Contact us directly to learn more about a specific area. Our professional and efficient assistance team will resolve your issue. You can also try searching Google or YouTube for solutions to your issue.
5. Budget A budget is the most important aspect of the best online business that you can start. In order to begin an online business Bangladesh you need to create your budget. You can design your website in accordance with your budget. You you will need to invest up to Taka of 10,000, Taka 10,000 or Taka. 500.000 Taka 1 chance or more.

6. The product or service is crucial to running an online business. If you own your own product, you can showcase your product on your site with a full description of the it. If you don’t have your own product , or you are looking to sell products offered by different vendors or businesses You must choose the right vendor or business. If you’re facing any sort of issue regarding this please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

7. Support The most important aspects of the best online business is support. It is essential to provide. If you’re looking to conduct business through domain hosting, you can begin your business by purchasing our Re-seller plan. We’ll offer all kinds of support for customers.

If you are looking to begin an online business, you should be knowledgeable about the above subject. We invite you to contact us if you have any difficulties in starting your online venture in Bangladesh. Our Knowledgeable support team will assist you with the best online business ideas and also marketing tools with technical/integration support as well. We’re here to help with any assistance we can. we’ll do our best to provide the highest quality of support. Visit our website and join our YouTube channel. You can also click like to our page on Facebook for additional helpful tutorials like these.

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