Ibn Sina Hospital List and Location in Bangladesh

Ibn Sina Hospital

Ibn Sina Hospital belongs to IBN Sina’s trust. They have formed this medical institution in June 1980. Since then, this incredible institution has been serving people with great effort. The main attraction of the Hospital is having all kinds of equipment availability. These are so essential to find the exact condition of the patients and treat them in the same way. The building of this Hospital is ten storied and can afford to give room for 600 patients at a time. Besides, the capacity of the operation is tremendous and very efficient as well.

It offers a variety of services such as neuro, roster, liver neurosurgery, and endocrine, for instance. It has however, begun an entirely new field of laparoscopic colorectal and abnormal surgery. Because of its advanced treatment and cost-effective price, patient complaints are as good.Among all privately owned hospitals Apollo hospitals is among the most extensive and the best privately owned hospital located in Bangladesh. While it’s cost is high, the treatments are more advanced and efficient. Alongside private hospitals, the government hospitals also provide regular and excellent medical care for the population.

Ibn Sina Hospital List and Location in Bangladesh

We’ve noticed that the majority of the renowned hospitals have a home in the Dhanmondi neighborhood. This is because the region is in central to the city, and is a comfortable place for those who access it from any corner of Dhaka. The address for his Hospital is: House No. 68 Road #15/A Dhanmondi in Dhaka 1209 Bangladesh. It is easy to reach it by car.

Around the world medical care has emerged as one of the primary demands of the population. The procedure is readily available however, in the majority of instances, it’s beyond normal people’s budget. In this scenario, low-income patients suffer tremendously in order to access the proper. If the current situation is similar and the world is like that, then IBN Sina is making a significant contribution to the history of medicine of Bangladesh. They offer better medical care for a lower cost which is at the limits of people’s capacity. Furthermore, the treatment provided by this Hospital has attracted a huge interest from patients. In this Hospital you will find the most extensive equipment that can diagnose your ailments and help you get rid of them completely.

To help humanity in all its forms by pursuing this noble goal, The Ibn Sina Trust started its journey in June of 1980. The trust has agret providing health care for the people of Bangladesh at a reasonable cost. They have posted this on their official website. This means that you will be able to know all about IBN Sina Hospital Contact Address Branch Locations, Contact Number, Email Address, and everything else.

Ibn Sina Consultation Center
Address: House # 58, Road # 2/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Phone : +880-2-8618007,9666497

Ibn Sina D. Lab. & Consultation Center
Category: Patient Consultation Center
Address: House # 47, Road 9/A, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka – 1209, Bangladesh
Phone : +880-2-9126625-6, 9128835-7, Cell: +880 1717351631

Ibn Sina Dental Center
Category: Dental Clinic
Address: House # 47, Road # 9/A, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka – 1209, Bangladesh
Phone : +880-2-9126625-6, 9128835-7

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center – Doyagonj
Doctors: No doctors found in Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center – Doyagonj at this moment
Address: 28 Doyagonj (Hat Lane), Shutrapur, Dhaka 1100
Phone : +880-2-7120450, 7120460, 7115038, Mobile: 01817141191

Ibn Sina Hospital
Category: General Hospital
Address: House #64, Road #15/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209
Phone : +880 2 8119513-5, 8113709, 9137916, Mobile : 01817144609
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.ibnsinatrust.com

Ibn Sina Hospital Fouad Al-Khatib Unit
Doctors: No doctors found in Ibn Sina Hospital Fouad Al-Khatib Unit at this moment
Address: 2/2, Kallyanpur Bus Stand
Phone : +880 2 9007188, 9004317

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Imaging Center
Address: House 48, Road 9/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209
Phone : +880-2-9126625-6, 9128835-7, Mobile: 01717351631, 01817144604

Ibn Sina Medical Check-Up Center
Address: House # 50, Road # 13/C, Block-E, Banani, Dhaka-1213
Phone : +880-2-8810268, 9893214

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Dhanmondi.

Address– House #48 Road #9/A Dhanmondi Dhaka– 1209
Contact Number– 10615. +88029126625-6. +8801717351631. +8801844141708
Website– www.ibnsinatrust.com

Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital Dhanmondi.

Address– House #68 Road #15/A Dhanmondi Dhaka
Contact Number– +8801823039800. +880255029101

Ibn Sina Medical Imaging Center Zigatola.

Address– House #58 Road #2A Zigatola Dhaka
Contact Number– +8801711625173. +880258613596. +880258613597

Ibn Sina Medical College Hospital Kallyanpur.

Address– 1/1 B Kallyanpur Dhaka
Contact Number– +8801703725590. +88029010396

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Mirpur.

Address– House #11 Haji Road Avenue 3 Rupnagar Mirpur 2 Dhaka
Contact Number– +8801847262996. +8801847262998

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Doyagonj.

Address– 28 Hut Lane Doyagonj Gandaria Dhaka
Contact Number– +8801878115751. +8801878115752

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Badda.

Address– Cha-72/1 Progoti Soroni Uttar Badda Dhaka
Contact Number– 10615. 8833264-5. 8835556-7. 01844022228. 01832820950

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Uttara.

Address– House #52 Sector #13. Uttara Dhaka
Contact Number– 10615 +880248953932. +8801798638300. +8801841121416

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Lalbagh.

Address– 27/4 Dhakeshwori Road Lalbagh Dhaka
Contact Number– +8801783356048. +8801842356048

Ibn Sina Hospital & Diagnostic Center Jashore.

Address– House No-68 Jail Road Ghose Jessore
11 storied Building Jashore. Bangladesh 7400
Contact Number– 0421-60070

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center Bogra.

Address- House #1103/1116 Kanojgari, Sherpur Road Bogra.
Hotline– 051-69360. 051-69460
Contact Number– 01991-980546. 01991-980547
Email– [email protected]

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Malibagh.

Address– House #489 DIT Road Malibagh Dhaka
Contact Number– +8801844141717 +8801844141718

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Savar.

Address– 31/6 Jaleshwar Aricha Road Savar Dhaka
Contact Number– +8801844141715- +8801784188708

Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center Keranigaj.

Address– Maa Plaza Kadomtoli Mor. Zinzira Keranijanj Dhaka.
Contact Number– +8801730599171- +8801730599174

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center Chattogram.

Address– House #12/A. Road #02. Katalganj. Panchlaish Chattogram.
Hotline-10615. 01886-610115. 01886-6101156. 01886-610117

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Consultation Center Cumilla.

Address– House #29. Kot Bari Road. Tomson Bridge Cumilla 3500.
Hotline– 081-74470. 081-74471. 081-74472.
081-74473. 01841212275. 01841212276.

Ibn Sina Hospital Sylhet Limited.

Address– Subhanighat Point Sylhet, Bangladesh
Hotline– +880 9636-300300
PABX– 821 727933-42
Mobile– +880 1711405834
Email– [email protected]

Ibn Sina Hospital List and Location in Bangladesh
Ibn Sina Hospital List and Location in Bangladesh

IBN Sina Hospital Care Facilities

To serve the community In order to serve the people, the IBN Sina Hospital has put its all efforts into bringing together all modern facilities within this Hospital. The feature that will interest you the most is that this hospital has several sections that cater to patients. In addition being a hospital, IBN Sina, the IBN Sina group has established several health-related institutes that aid in the delivery of medical services. This Hospital is now among the top effective healthcare institutions in Bangladesh. It is true that the facilities are what offer the most effective treatment for patients. Let’s take a look at the following section that outlines the essential facilities at IBN Sina Hospital.

IBN Sina Hospital Diagnosis Lab

The first thing that comes into our minds when we think about the facilities at IBN Sina Hospital is its diagnosis. This Hospital is well-known to people due to the top diagnosis laboratories. There are many diagnostic laboratories across the nation. The hospital’s authority believes that identifying the disease is the most important stage to treat the patient. This is why they have set up a variety of diagnostic labs throughout the nation. So, people are able to easily conduct a diagnostic of their health conditions according to the advice of their doctor.

IBN Sina Hospital Blood Bank

One of the few that are in the country, among the few, this Hospital has a separate blood bank. It’s not commonplace at this Hospital of Bangladesh. It is the reason why we find that they maintain constant contact with blood donors and take blood types from them frequently. Additionally, the authorities of this hospital has created an ultramodern lab that collects different important cells that compose the plasma. These cells are sometimes used to treat various types of illnesses.

IBN Sina Hospital Ambulance Facility

You can find an ambulance depending on the needs of every major city in Bangladesh. This is due to the Hospital’s branches are in all major cities in the country. The Hospital’s authority is extremely efficient in providing the top ambulance service in comparison to other hospitals that are modern. Additionally, you must keep in mind that the price of these ambulances are not excessive. Therefore, you will not have to free of worries about the cost.

A long time has passed and IBN Sina Hospital is serving the nation in a warm environment. The capacity for this Hospital is unquestionable. Each patient is treated equally. The fact is the manner in which they treat their patients. In this particular case it is possible to rate the Hospital as the top one in Bangladesh. In addition, the facilities at the Hospital are excellent. This Hospital has eliminated the need to seek medical care from overseas. In every way it is a blessing for the country. Hospital can be a great blessing to the country.

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