More Covid Vaccine Talks & Affordable Care Act

uned to the end of the report to find out what prizes we’re giving away the US topped 100000 cases of colon 19 for the seventh straight day today as hospitals and ice use across the country are being pushed to their limits and with little hope that an end to the surge is coming soon. Look ahead to a vaccine seems to be the saving grace for a lot of health experts Dr. Fouchier the president’s chief medical consultant on the pandemic made a comment of assurance in regards to the latest vaccine trial by the drug company Pfizer. The vaccine being developed at record speed has tested 90 percent effective in preventing infection from a limited pool of subjects that’s on par with common and widely successful flu vaccines. When asked he said I’m going to look at the data but I trust Pfizer I trust the FDA. These are colleagues of mine for decades. They’re career scientists. They look at this data and they approve it. I promise you I will take the vaccine and I will recommend that my family take the vaccine.

so Dr. Fouchier did stress the timetable for such events and explained that preventative measures like social distancing and mask mandates would still be required for some time even as a vaccine is being developed. Senate leader Mitch McConnell is already taking the news as proof that a vaccine is imminent. Making the case that the potential light at the end of the tunnel is reason to pass a less comprehensive economic relief stimulus. Now Republicans have been pushing for a stimulus bill in the range of 500 billion dollars less than a quarter of what Democrats have been proposing since the middle of the summer. And it doesn’t seem the two sides are any closer to agreeing. Now the news of a vaccine is great but that doesn’t mean the economic burden suddenly go away immunizing enough people to have an effect. Once the vaccine is approved it’s going to take us months into 2021. But even then the return to full economic activity will be slow and people are feeling the pinch now Senator McConnell made it clear it’s his goal to pass a smaller bill during the post-election congressional session which goes until the end of the calendar year. But that doesn’t seem likely. With the Senate elections technically not over in Georgia there are still political implications to how these talks would shape out. Should Democrats win in Georgia and take control of the Senate they’d be in a much more powerful bargaining position to pass the kind of stimulus that they’re hoping for.

Still some 11 million people are unemployed as a result of the pandemic. And the U.S. Chamber of Commerce stressed that the economic recovery is slowing and would be vastly improved with federal stimulus and called on Congress to get something done as there is no more time to waste. The Supreme Court heard arguments on Tuesday and a much anticipated hearing on the Affordable Care Act. Republican state officials brought the issue to court again both in objection to the individual mandate and making the argument that the mandate is an institutional part of the act as a whole. And if one part is unconstitutional then the whole is unconstitutional now if you don’t remember the individual mandate was essentially a tax penalty that would be issued to those who did not acquire health insurance either private or through the Obamacare enrollment site. Basically as a means to encourage more people to enroll and avoid the penalty. But in 2017 through an act of Congress the penalty was zeroed out effectively nullifying the mandate entirely. Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act has held steady over the last three years without the tax incentive. But Republicans this week still tried to make the case that the mandate is unconstitutional and to sever it from the ACA would change the very nature of the law itself.

But even with a strong conservative majority it seems unlikely that the court is to take the same position Chief Justice Roberts who has ruled on the ACA before and said in regards to the mandate change in 2017. Congress left the rest of the law intact when it lowered the penalty to zero because of that. Republicans now have to also make the case for legal standing on the issue in general if they weren’t wronged in some way. If they weren’t penalized then they have to make the reasonings for why the case should be heard in the first place. Roberts has ruled with liberals in the past on this subject but another conservative voice Justice Kavanaugh said it does seem fairly clear that the proper remedy would be to sever the mandate provision and leave the rest of the Act in place. The three liberal judges signaling the same position which would bring the vote to 5 in favor of the Affordable Care Act. This is one of the first cases and certainly one of the more headline cases taken up by the full Supreme Court including Amy Kony buried who seemed undecided as the bench heard arguments for two hours on Tuesday. Justices Thomas Alito and Gore such likely to rule against and now indications are what they are and we do not know for certain that they reflect the way the judges are going to rule on the subject.

But it seems unlikely that the Affordable Care Act is going to be struck down by the Supreme Court. The mandate which again effectively does nothing now may be shown the door. The whole of the ACA is likely to stay intact and that’s good if not for the legal precedents that reinforces but for the 20 plus million people insured by it and countless others who are covered due to expansions in Medicaid and Medicare that were possible because of the landmark health care bill and the time of the pandemic which if you go by the case numbers is as bad as it’s ever been. Right now doesn’t seem fitting to take health insurance away from 20 million people. But it’s up for a vote anyway and we’ll have more on that decision later on. If you’re a freelancer or a small business owner like me you’ve probably had your own struggles with health insurance. Since we don’t fall under traditional forms of employment it can be hard to find comprehensive coverage that suits our needs. That’s why the NSA is here to help and a endorses America’s consumers and affiliates limited partnership benefits to bring additional voluntary health benefits to our members. You can find affordable plans for you and your family that include medical dental accident critical illness cancer and life insurance go to an AA worldwide account register and click on health insurance at the top.

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