NCTB New Syllabus – HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

Education Board Published HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF for the Higher Secondary Certificate Exam: The Ministry of Education has published an outline for students taking the Higher Secondary Examination 2022. In response to the decision of the government and the directives by the Ministry of Education, the NCTB has developed a shorter syllabus to be included in the HSC exam in 2022. Therefore, read the Post and download your Subject Syllabus below.

Are You Looking For HSC Short Syllabus 2022? Which Was Published on 27 May by Education Board Bangladesh. Then You are Right Place to Collect The New HSC Syllabus 2022 PDF Download Option. In this post, you will Receive HSC new Short Syllabus PDF file in a arranged order according to Group as well as Subject. Because of Corona virus, All School and College are closed. The opening date has not been announced yet. But, Authority Want To Arrange HSC Exam 2022 on This Year. Therefore, they released HSC Short Syllabus for conducting The Examination.

NCTB New Syllabus – HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

This is a significant decision for students and will help students a lot in completing their Syllabus in a short amount of time. But, Authority Published Syllabus by cutting The Chapter and task Upto 50% – 60% to lessen the education Demand from students. In contrast, the previous Short Syllabus reduces only 20-25 percentage. So, This is the Best one For Students who are Going to Attend The HSC Exam 20221.

It is the National Curriculum and Textbook Board are the sole responsible for arranging the Syllabus and shortening The Syllabus for any class or subject that is in Secondary or Higher Secondary education. According to Ministry of Education Requirement, the NCTB released a short syllabus by reducing 50% from the The previous regular syllabus. We hope it will be helpful for students to prepare for the upcoming Board Exam.

NCTB New Syllabus – HSC Short Syllabus 2022  All Subject

Here, We Collect The Official HSC Short Syllabus 2022 and Upload for You. So, you can download the syllabus for the HSC exam directly from us. Choose Your compulsory subject as well as Group Subject and optional Subjects and click to download. I hope you will enjoy the article regarding the Official HSC Short Syllabus 2021.pdf file.

The short syllabus was designed with regard to the subjects associated to the 11th class in addition to the subjects that are essential to know and master at the 9th-tenth grade level. 20-25percent of the content in each book has been reduced to a shorter syllabus.

NCTB New Syllabus – Compulsory HSC Subjects Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

Bangla 1st paper****Download PDF
Bangla 2nd  PaperDownload PDF
English 1st PaperDownload PDF
English 2nd  PaperDownload PDF
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)Download PDF
Islam Shikkha 1st PaperDownload PDF
Islam Shikkha 2nd PaperDownload PDF

NCTB New Syllabus – Science Subjects Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

Physics 1st PartDownload PDF
Physics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Chemistry 1st PartDownload PDF
Chemistry  2nd PartDownload PDF
Biology  1st PartDownload PDF
Biology 2nd PartDownload PDF
Higher Mathematics 1st PartDownload PDF
Higher Mathematics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Soil Science 1st PartDownload PDF
Soil Science 2nd PartDownload PDF
Statistics 1st PartDownload PDF
Statistics  2nd PartDownload PDF

NCTB New Syllabus – Arts/Humanities Subjects Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

Logic 1st PartDownload PDF
Logic 2nd PartDownload PDF
Economics 1st PartDownload PDF
Economics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Social Work 1st PartDownload PDF
Social Work 2nd PartDownload PDF
Geography 1st PartDownload PDF
Geography 2nd PartDownload PDF
Islamic History & Culture 1st PartDownload PDF
Islamic History & Culture 2nd PartDownload PDF
Civic & Good Governance 1st PartDownload PDF
Civic & Good Governance 2nd PartDownload PDF
Sociology 1st PaperDownload PDF
Sociology 2nd PaperDownload PDF
History 1st PartDownload PDF
History 2nd PartDownload PDF
Art & Textile 1st PartDownload PDF
Art & Textile 2nd PartDownload PDF
Physiology 1st PartDownload PDF
Physiology 2nd PartDownload PDF
Home Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Home Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Home Science 1st PartDownload PDF
Home Science 2nd PartDownload PDF
Food & Nutrition 1st PartDownload PDF
Food & Nutrition 2nd PartDownload PDF
Art & Craft 1st PartDownload PDF
Art & Craft 2nd PartDownload PDF
Child Development 1st PartDownload PDF
Child Development 2nd PartDownload PDF
Agriculture 1st PartDownload PDF
Agriculture 2nd PartDownload PDF

NCTB New Syllabus – Commerce/ Business Studies Subjects Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

Accounting 1st PartDownload PDF
Accounting 2nd PartDownload PDF
Business Organization and Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Business Organization and Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Product Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Product Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 1st PartDownload PDF
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 2nd PartDownload PDF

Arabic 1st Part Download

Arabic 2nd Part Download

Sanskrit 1st Part Download

Sanskrit 2nd Part Download

Pali 1st Part Download

Pali 2nd Part Download

Light Music 1st Part Download
Light Music 2nd Part Download

Cassical Music 1st part Download
Cassical Music 2nd Part Download

ED 1st paper 180 Download
ED 2nd paper 222 Download
ED 2nd paper 182 Download
ED 2nd paper 183 Download

The syllabus for the Bangla first-paper literature textbook for classes XI to XII starting in this academic year to 2021-22 is provided in the following manner. Download your textbook and syllabus from here right now.

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