Top 10 Resorts in Gazipur

Bangladesh is known for its beautiful scenery. Tourists are drawn to the country due to a variety of reasons. So , are you searching for the most luxurious resorts in Gazipur? You’re in the right location. If you’re looking to take in the beauty of nature near Dhaka, Gazipur is your most ideal spot. Many people get tired of living a life of monogamy in the concrete Dhaka. Gazipur offers a variety of options to kick back and relax. There are a variety of alternatives for maintaining a stylish lifestyle while staying within a budget.

Nature is a wonderful way to get rid of the monotony of urban living. There are a few resorts that have been constructed in Gazipur within the natural setting. Tourists are attracted to these resorts to enjoy the subtle touch of green which will allow living a peaceful life in the natural environment. If there’s a thing more than the promise of sunshine and blue skies during your next trip you can rest assured that there won’t be any unexpected surprises at check-out time. Take a look at Top 10 Resorts in Gazipur

Resorts in Gazipur

It is located in Bangladesh Gazipur is among the top towns where many resorts have been built. Residents of Dhaka, Gazipur, Savar, and near these regions are able to easily visit these resorts to get away from the stress and hustle of urban life. Each resort comes with unique characteristics. There are a myriad of top resorts in Gazipur I will try to highlight the most popular Top 10 Resorts in Gazipur and also provide a brief description of the resorts.


In 2009, the resort was established with the intention of helping people feel the natural world in their own way by touching. The resort is entirely surrounded by nature. Security is an essential aspect for guests. We give the most importance. In Rajendra Eco Resort & Village we do not compromise the safety of our guests and security. We believe, our valued guests deserve it. In the same way, our well-atheistic staff are always available to assume the responsibility for our guests' hospitality.

There are lakes, picnic areas organic farming and swimming pools, as well as houses built from clay/mud that have spa and massage facilities, and other such. Also, there is a dining establishment that is a the convention center that has the capacity of 200 guests to stay. In addition, if you're fish enthusiast, you can enjoy fishing and boating on the lakes.

Travel Direction:

RAJENDRA ECO RESORT LTD, one of the top resorts in Bangladesh situated in Bhabnipur close to the Dhaka and Mymensingh highway, which is part of Gazipur District. It is very easy to connect with the city of Dhaka. The resort's has stunning views and is with natural landscapes. The artificial design and beautiful scenery make it the ideal location to relax and have fun.

Services and Facilities:

Rajendra Eco Resort & Village is an eco-resort located in the nature reserve in which you can take pleasure in the stunning natural beauty. From 57 cottages 14 of them have 100 rooms that they are being built. The watch tour is available on every roof of the cottage. From there, you can take in the whole area surrounded by green trees. The location is also an important aspect that affects the people's travel. Rajendra Eco Resort & Village is located just an hour's distance from the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are many choices available, you can use a car or public transportation. Not to mention you can take advantage of all amenities for affordable prices.



7,700.0৳ 7,700.0৳ 7,700.0৳ 7,700.0৳ 8,800.0৳ 7,700.0৳ 7,700.0৳ 


4,400.0৳ 4,400.0৳ 4,400.0৳ 4,400.0৳ 4,400.0৳ 44,000.0৳ 44,000.0৳ 


6,600.0৳ 6,600.0৳ 6,600.0৳ 6,600.0৳ 6,600.0৳ 6,600.0৳ 6,600.0৳ 

Contact Information:

Phone: 01713638723, 01711-874018


Location: Dhaka - Mymensingh Highway, Mahona Bhabanipur 1740


Resorts in Gazipur

2.Bhawal Resort

If you're looking to relax by soaking in massages, etc. this is the best option. The hotel located in Gazipur makes you feel as if you're not located in Bangladesh no more. The rooms and pool are extravagant, as is the food.

A luxurious resort located inside Bhawal National Park. It's the perfect blend of luxury living and natural beauty. Bhawal resort is regarded as one of the top hotels in Gazipur. Its decor is impeccable and its services and amenities are distinct. The friendly and 24-hour staff in the reception is able to assist with any questions you might have. Bhawal Resort is the sister concern of the Amber Group.

Travel Direction:

If you travel to Shahjalal International Airport by own vehicle, it will take about one hour and thirty minutes drive. If you take public transport, there are several bus stops could be encountered at Shahjalal International Airport to Gazipur chowrasta. From Gazipur Chowrasta, which is followed by Rajendrapur chowrasta towards Memberbari it's also famous for Pach Pirer Majar. To reach Pach Pirer Majar head southeast 2.1KM and then turn left for 1KM to Bhawal Resort.

In a car: From Airport approximate 1hrs 20 minutes drive. From Dhaka international airport to Gazipur chowrasta (Dhaka Mymensingh highway).
From Gazipur Chowrasta to Rajendrapur Chowrasta (Dhaka Mymensingh Highway).
From Rajendrapur Chowrasta from Rajendrapur chowrasta Memberbari (Pach Pir Majar)
In Pach Pir Majar head southeast 2.1KM after which turn left 1K to Bhawal Resort and Spa

Services and Facilities:

Bhawal resort is a top luxury resort in Dhaka. This resort has individual villas suitable for families and couples, and families. There is WI-FI Internet and a wall-mounted LCD TV that has cable connectivity. It offers two bars, four restaurants and a private check-in. In addition, you will receive the beauty and health service as well as a SPA program. To relax, Bhawal resort offers a variety of amenities like a private pool, a spa on the waterfront gym tennis club, Billiards club, and a myriad of other things. Babysitting services for children including a pool for kids and a play areas for kids.

  • WI-FI Internet. Complimentary Breakfast.
  • Welcome Drink at the time of the arrival.
  • Tea/Coffee Making Facility.
  • Electronic Safety Deposit Box.
  • A fruit basket is provided in your room at the time of arrival.
  • Utilization of swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
  • wall-mounted LCD TV equipped with cable connection.
  • Two bottles (500 milliliters) of Mineral Water per room per day.
  • Breakfast is included for all children aged 1-5 years old. Up to 5 years old. free.
  • Children Play is absolutely free of charge.
  • Children over 10 years old Full-time Charge.
  • Children's Game Room is charged.
  • Children aged 5-10 years old 50% of the regular Cost.
  • An extra bed for kids, or Baby Cot for infants is available.
  • Children under twelve (12) years old are considered to be children.
  • The Children's Swimming Pool 01 is complimentary to guests staying at the house. It is suitable for children aged 03to 05 years old.
  • Kids Swimming Pool 02 is complimentary for guests staying in the hotel. For children ages 12 years of age.

Package of Bhawal Resort:

Room TypeRegular RentOffer Rent
One Bedroom Villa12,000 tk9600 tk
One Bedroom Suite16,000 tk12,800 tk
Two Bedroom Suite24,000 tk19,200 tk

Resort Information

Our Check-in Time is 02:00 PM. Our Check-out Time is 12:00 PM.
Late Check-outs are subject to the availability of room.
Early Check-in is contingent on the availability of room. The resort only guarantees rooms are available after 02:00pm.
If the Guest is expected to arrive before the Check-in time of 02:00 pm, we suggest to book the room that you booked on earlier in the night.
For individual, Guest must bring his/her valid National ID Card/Passport/Driving License/Company photo ID card to be presented upon check-in.

Contact Information:

Phone: +880-1871004007, +880-1871004015

Corporate Bookings: +880-1871004009, +880-1871004008 (Timings: 10am-6pm Except Holidays)


Location: Village: Noljahni, Union: Mirjapur, Mojja: Baroipara,P Sodor,Gazipur,Dhaka,Bangladesh.


Resorts in Gazipur

3.Sarah Resort

If you're looking for an experience that is ultra-modern, Sarah Resort has it everything. From canoeing and cycling, to VR and 9D films to games This resort has it all. There is also a playground for children and three restaurants that can meet your diverse dining needs

The lush green surroundings, the beautiful smell of fresh air, the singing of birds, the sparkling water of the pool that merge with blue skies are just a few of the features in Sarah resort. It is among the most luxurious resorts located in Gazipur close to Dhaka. More than 200 largeha of land, spread over the Sarah resort.

Travel Direction:

The journey begins from Dhaka and is an hour to drive via vehicle. The airport road is followed to Joydebpur circle and then ahead to Rajendrapur circle. After that, left turn onto Kapasia road, passing Rajendrapur Cantonment. From there, you will reach Pabur Bazar and then turning right, it becomes 50KM until you get to Sarah Resort.

Services and Facilities:

Sarah Resort offers various types of accommodation for guests. It has a variety of conference and banquet facilities. In a modern and trendy design the rooms and suites are constructed to be. Sarah resort organizes guests' water lodge as well as an ancient mud home, Presidential villa and premium.

It serves breakfast or lunch, and dinner with a the option of delicious buffets. From an exclusive breakfast menu to dinner at the Sarah Resort, Sarah Resort has a superb variety of casual and thrilling dining options. The pastry shop, the Ice-cream shop, and the vast variety of local and international meals that create an food-to-go experience. The Sarah Resort has live BBQ stations. Sarah Resort we have live BBQ stations available for our guests.

Package of Sarah Resort:

Room RentRoom Rent
Ancient Mud House (Deluxe King and Twin) 8,000 tk
Raja View  Tower (Superior King and Twin) 10,500 tk
Water Lodge (Superior King and Twin)10,500 tk
Premium Villa (Premium King) 12,500 tk
Presidential Villa (Presidential King) 60,000 tk

Contact Information:

Phone: +88019 8000 3000, +88 01755677002, +880 01759468844


Location: Sarah Resort Rajabari, Rajendrapur, Sreepur, Gazipur,Dhaka, Bangladesh


Resorts in Gazipur

4.Reverie Holiday Resort

The idea of Ecotourism and the desire to provide an unforgettable experience to guests are the primary goals for Reverie Holiday Resort. The resort covers over 3 acres and offers a natural and green views. You can also view the agricultural land, which is full of flowers and fruits and various kinds of herb trees, and a pond. It is a great spot to relax and enjoy a refreshing setting. The rooms are air-conditioned, and a high-speed internet service is accessible here.

Travel Direction:

The resort is located close to Dhaka in Salna, Gazipur on Dhaka-Mymensingh road. It's just a one-hour drive away from Dhaka and 7km of Chowrasta, Gazipur.

Services and Facilities:

This resort provides a wonderful location for any gathering, corporate day out A modern duplex bungalow that is ideal to relax and enjoy with a an enormous common area and dining facilities, family and group days out bar-b-q, tenting, workshops, and more. The rooms are air-conditioned. A high-speed internet connection is accessible here.

Package of Reverie Holiday Resort:

Room typeRoom Rent
Ac double in duplex bungalow( 2 persons)3,500 tk
Ac family in duplex bungalow( 4 persons)6,000 tk
Ac double in forest bungalow( 2 persons)4,000 tk
Non-Ac Double room in pond-side building(2 persons)3,000 tk
Duplex Bungalow20,000 tk
Forest Bungalow9,000 tk

Contact Information:

Phone: +88017 0556 6335-6


Location: Teck Kathora, Moishan Bari, Salna Near Khan Para Primary School, Gazipu

Head office: 195/A, Mohakhli, Dhaka-1206


Resorts in Gazipur

5.Nokkhottrobari Resort

Nokkhotrobari Resort in Gazipur is a great option for those seeking serenity and tranquility. Popular vacation spot outskirts of Dhaka City, this dream project was created by Taukir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat, Actor-Architect and Actress-Painter. This resort is the first in gazipur. Nokkhotrobari is a popular choice for Day-trippers and those who love to travel. The Water Bunglow at Nokkhotrobari resort is very popular with Dhaka tourists who are usually looking for a weekend getaway near Dhaka.

It is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. The main attractions include boat rides, fishing or stargazing from the cottages that are built above the pond. It offers rooms for overnight stays and a conference center that can be rented out for single-day events.

Travel Direction:

You can drive your own car from Shahjalal International Airport in approximately two hours. Public vehicles are available from Shahjalal International Airport to Gazipur chowrasta, then go straight to Mymensingh, then turn right into kapasia via Rajendrapur Cantonment, Rajabari Bazar, and then turn right from Agrani bank, heading 2KM to Nokkhottrobari resort.

Services and Facilities:

The resort was built on approximately 14 bighas. The resort has 11 bungalows that are attached to a pond made from bamboo and wood. You will find some relief from the hustle and bustle of your daily life with the sound of water, boat riding and full moon. There are three options for accommodation: a water bungalow, a hotel complex and campaign tents. Additional facilities include a pool, jacuzzi, boating, table tennis, fishing, kid zone, swimming pool. The resort offers basic services such as a banquet hall and conference hall.

  • Breakfast or Morning Snacks (Set Menu)
  • Lunch (Set Menu)
  • Evening Snacks (Set Menu)
  • Outdoor gaming (Boating, Swimming pool)
  • Entry Fee
  • Open field for day time gaming
  • Room For Refreshment (1 Room for every 10 adults and room will be available from 12 PM)

Package price BDT. 2,500.00 Per head with Chinese lunch menu
Package price BDT. 2,200.00 Per head with Indian lunch menu
Package price BDT. 2,000.00 Per head with Bengali lunch menu

Food Menu:
Breakfast: Parata- 2 pcs, Egg- 1pc, Vegetables, Dal, Hodgepodge, Halua, Alur dam , Tea, Mineral water.
Morning Snacks: * Sandwich – 1pc, * Apple – 1pc,* Banana – 1pc, *Tea, *Mineral Water

Lunch (Chinese Menu): *Thai soup, *Mixed Fried Rice, *Chicken Fry, *Chicken Chilly Onion, *Chinese Vegetables, *Dessert, *Mineral Water.

Lunch (Indian- Menu): *Polao, * Chicken Roast, *Beef / Mutton Rezala, *Fish *Chinese Vegetables, *Mixed Salad, Dessert, *Soft Drink and Mineral Water.

Lunch (Bengali Menu)*Rice,*Vegetables,*Dal, *Vorta (any one), *Fish, *Chicken,*Salad, *Dessert,*Mineral Water
Evening Snacks (Winter Season): * Vapa Pitha (1Pcs), Chitoi Pitha (1 pcs)* *Tea, *Mineral Water.
Evening Snacks: Plain cake 2 pcs, French fry, Tea and Mineral water.

Plain Rice
Mixed Vegetables
Chicken /Beef / Ruhi fish
Thick Dall
Mixed Salad
Mineral Water

Evening Snacks
Chicken Sandwich
Mineral Water

Chicken Corn Soup
Egg Fried Rice
Chinese Vegetables
Fried Chicken
Beef Chile Onion
Mineral Water

Package of Nokkhotrobari Resort:

Room typeRoom Rent
Couple Regular(1 Bed Room)6,325 tk
Deluxe Couple(1 Queen Bed Room)8,222 tk
Twin Regular(2 Single Bed Room)6,957 tk
Family Baungalow(2 Bed, 1 Chill Room)27,830 tk
Deluxe Cottage( 1 Queen Bed)10,752 tk
Premium Suite(1 Bed Room)22,770 tk
Family Suite (2 Bed Rooms)20,240 tk

Contact Information:

Phone: 88+ 02-9835173, 01772224281,


Location: Village: Chinashukhania, P.O + Union: Razabari Bazar, P.S: Sreepur, District: Gazipur

Dhaka Office: Nokkhottrobari Ltd, House: 268 (2nd Floor), Road: 19, Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka 1206


6.Dream Square Resort

Dream Square Resort is the most sought-after Resort in Gazipur. The resort was established with the year 2013 as its primary objective is to be focused on the natural world. They believe that it is impossible to find anything more gorgeous and beautiful than nature. This is why you will find an environment that is near to nature.

Dream Square is a top class luxury resort in Gazipur. It is the first choice of the most fashionable tourist. It allows for a breather in the concrete jungle by offering green alternatives to guests. Beautiful landscapes are sprinkled with a pool and other amenities. It is also a great place to host a corporate houses, business conferences or sales meetings and also individual travellers. The resort is spread across a huge areas that covers 166 square meters. Bigha and 100 bedrooms. Its luxury and comfort. It is a reflection of the luxurious, contemporary and elegant design of the four-star international standards of resort.

Travel Direction:

From Dhaka it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Dream Square Resort.

Services and Facilities:

The vast expanse of 100 rooms spread across 67 acres provide exclusive comfort and relaxation amenities. The resort features an area that is full of green. It offers high-speed Wi-Fi with a fresh and warm look, inviting eco-friendly design, as well as the comfort of LCD TV. This resort also features an enormous open-air dining with a large-open balcony overlooking the pond. The resort also has a swimming spa, B.B.Q. Night fishing, boating, and fishing Fitness center with gym or Workout room Hot Tub Room service.

There are two spacious rooms, with a separate reception that is fully decorated with a symbol of high-quality and flavor. You can find a variety of Coffee, Ice-cream, Nuts and Pringles, chips, etc.
The world's most famous Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Americano will provide you many psychological health benefits, like mental stimulation and alertness as well as help avoid skin issues and memory loss.

In the Dream Cafe, you can observe live fish swimming along with a waterfall, and view of the surrounding scenery. You will be content with our service and atmosphere and surroundings.

Package of Dream Square Resort:

Room typeRoom Rent
Standard Room(1 Bed Room)5000 tk
Deluxe Room Mud House(1 Bed Room)5000 tk
Dream I-Lnad Mud House(1 Bed Room)5000 tk
Deluxe Twin Bed(1 Bed Room, 2 Single Bed)7000 tk
Dream Deluxe(1 Bed Room)7000 tk
Deluxe Room Triple Bed(1 Room,3 Single Bed)8,500 tk
Dream Executive (1 Room,1 Double and 1 Single Bed10,000 tk
Superior Room(4 Queen size Bed)35,000 tk
Premium Room(1 King size Bed)8,000 tk
Executive Room(1 King size Bed)10,000 tk
Junior Suite Room(1 King size Bed)13,000 tk
Executive Suite (1 King size Bed)45,000 tk

Contact Information:

Phone: 01755603310, 01755603311, 01799611606


Location: Chalkpara, Medical, Mauna, Gazipur

Dhaka office: Eastern Trade Center, 56, Inner Circular (VIP)


Resorts in Gazipur

Top 10 Beautiful Places in Chittagong

7.Third Terrace Resort

The resort provides a two beds, a twin bed deluxe and a family suite. The air-conditioned rooms are decorated lavishly with tidy beds and side tables, a closets, satellite TV as well as a work desk with an additional seating arrangement. Bathrooms in the en suite are equipped with modern amenities, including bathtub and shower. 

The restaurant at Third Terrace Resorts serve local as well as international cuisine. Private dining is made possible with the assistance of the 24-hour day room service. Dry cleaning and laundry services as well as airport shuttles are offered at the expense of the hotel. The hotel also has business centers, conference facilities that offers Wifi connection as well as an all-inclusive gym for guests. The electricity is available 24/7 thanks to generators. The property is secured by security guards and parking spaces are available to guests.

Third Terrace resort is surrounding by old trees. The resort is situated in the middle of shalbons, just across Bhawal National parks, which are situated across the Bhawal National. The fresh aroma of the villages will take away your monotony and stress for a few minutes.

Travel Direction: 

It takes only 30 minutes to Dhaka International Airport to reach Third Terrace resort.

Services and Facilities:

Every plant here is maintained and nurtured. Beautifully landscaped gardens and two cottages gardens and wildwoods, a flower garden, and a fully-furnished house are ideal for a family holiday. This gorgeous resort is set on three acres of land. You can also enjoy free parking, WI-FI room service, restaurant, and conference room. The hotel offers luxurious accommodations. You are able to cancel your reservation within 72 hours. If you require any modifications to your rates or packages, they must be made 48 hours prior to your day of arrival.

Package of Third Terrace Resort:

Room typeRoom Rent
Windsong-The blue cottage4000 tk
Wildwood – The green cottage4000 tk
Rooms3000 tk
Extra Bed600 tk

Contact Information:

Phone: 01777-75629

Location: Mia Bari Sarak, Gazaripara, Mirzapur, Gazipur, Bangladesh


Resorts in Gazipur

8.Chuti Resort

Chuti resort and picnic spot is a subsidiary concern of a respected group with a an extensive reputation for brand recognition in the business in Bangladesh. Chuti Resort gazipur is a combination of contemporary and eco-friendly facilities for guests. Chuti is a 4 standard luxury resorts close to Bhawal Rajbari, which is surrounded by a natural lakes. The most sought-after resort located in gazipur is located in Sukundi Village in the Eastern portion of Gazipur DC Office; just 1 mile of well-known Bhawal JaminderBari. 

It is thought to be one of the most luxurious resorts in the vicinity of dhaka. And the most distinguished guests come coming from Dhaka city. The 43 Bigha resort is surrounded by a stunning lakes and a forest reserve. Chuti Resort offers Luxurious Cottages and Villas Suites and tree House, Bird house, Playground, Children's Zone and Swimming Pool and Fishing, Boating restaurant, organic Fruits Traditional Pitha Folk songs as well as Horse Riding and many more activities to keep guests entertained. Apart from that, gazipur Resort Chuti has launched another business under the name of Chuti Purbachal.

Travel Direction:

The journey starts from Dhaka from Gazipur Chowrasta and then 7.5KM Distance from Gazipur Chowrasta to Chuti Resort.

Services and Facilities:

If you go to Chuti Resort you get 3 types of accommodation options including Cottage, Suite, and Suite. There is a total of 200 guest rooms per night. There are other facilities that cater to their guests of honor like breakfast, fruit basket, Health Club, Playground, Swimming pool and Sports zone boating, horse riding, Kids Zone and Mini Zoo, among many more facilities so that will allow you to take advantage of your holiday.

  • Chuti Special Food
  • Traditional Bangla Food
  • Indian Spicy Food
  • Break Fast (Traditional, Oriental & Continental)
  • Fresh Juice
  • Mineral Water, Ice cream, Soft Drinks
  • Evening snacks
  • Traditional Pitha (Seasonal)
  • Breakfast :Paratha /Ruti, Mixed Vegetables, Eggs Omelette, Chana Dal, Sujir Halua, Tea or Coffee, Mineral Water.
  • Lunch :Beef Bhuna, Chicken Roast, Ruhi Fish Fry, Plain Polau, Plain Rice, Egg-plant Fry, Seasonal Mixed Vegetable/Lau Chingri, Thick Dal, Fresh Vegetable Salad, Pickles & Chatni, Firni as Dessert, Mineral Water.orBeef Rogon Josh, Chicken Kata Roast, Ruhi Fish Fry with Onion, Plain Rice, Kashmiri Polau, Egg Plant Moussaka, Vegetable Malai Curry, Mixed Dal, Egg Potato Vorta, Mixed Salad with Dressings, Dessert: Sweet Yogurt, Mineral Water.
  • Snacks :Sandwich/Vegetable Pakora, France Fry, Tea/ Coffee, Mineral Water.
  • Package Rate :BDT. 2,530/- Per Person (above 11 years)
    BDT. 1,800/-Per Child (4 - 11 Years)
    ***To avail the offer minimum requires group of 10 Person***
    Soft drinks price will be added as per consumption. (Below 4 years kids food are complimentary).
  • Including :Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snack. Country Boating facility, Swimming pool, Kids’ Zone, Play Ground.
  • Excluding :Cottage/Suite, Horse Riding, Fishing, Cycling, Additional Food, Soft Drinks, Extra Mineral Water.

Breakfast: Paratha /Ruti, Mixed Vegetables, Eggs Omelette, Chana Dal, Sujir Halua, Tea or Coffee, Mineral Water.

Lunch: Beef Bhuna, Chicken Roast, Ruhi Fish Fry, Plain Polau, Plain Rice, Egg-plant Fry, Seasonal Mixed Vegetable/Lau Chingri, Thick Dal, Fresh Vegetable Salad, Pickles & Chatni, Firni as Dessert, Mineral Water.orBeef Rogon Josh, Chicken Kata Roast, Ruhi Fish Fry with Onion, Plain Rice, Kashmiri Polau, Egg Plant Moussaka, Vegetable Malai Curry, Mixed Dal, Egg Potato Vorta, Mixed Salad with Dressings, Dessert: Sweet Yogurt, Mineral Water.

Snacks: Sandwich/Vegetable Pakora, France Fry, Tea/ Coffee, Mineral Water.

Package Rate: BDT. 2,530/- Per Person (above 11 years)
BDT. 1,800/-Per Child (4 - 11 Years)
***To avail the offer minimum requires group of 10 Person***
Soft drinks price will be added as per consumption. (Below 4 years kids food are complimentary).

Including: Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snack. Country Boating facility, Swimming pool, Kids’ Zone, Play Ground.

Excluding: Cottage/Suite, Horse Riding, Fishing, Cycling, Additional Food, Soft Drinks, Extra Mineral Water.

Package of Chuti Resort:

Room typeRoom Rent
Royal Suite17,000 tk
Executive Suite13,000 tk
Platinum King8,000 tk
Premium Twin7,000 tk
Duplex Villa8,000 tk
Premium Duplex Villa10,000 tk
Bhawal Cottage10,000 tk
Family Cottage14,000 tk
Otijjo Cottage8,000 tk6,000 tk
Wooden Cottage8,000 tk
Deluxe Twin6,000 tk

Resorts in Gazipur

9.Greenview Golf Resort

In located in 50 Bigha of terrain, the resort is able to provide peace and tranquility. Greenview Golf Resort provides a variety of holistic activities as well as luxury accommodations. The resort's green view gazipur seeks to seamlessly blend with its surroundings, and prove its capacity to be a functional holiday retreat that offers guests a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of daily routine. Tarrif began at 9800 for a Standard rooms, while the Deluxe Golf Villa cost 16,675 per stay and Swan Villa 25,000 bdt.

Travel Directions:

A vehicle that you own From Shahjalal International Airport approximately 2-hour drive. If you are using a public vehicle is coming from Hazrat Shahjalal international airport to Gazipur Chowrasta to Rajendrapur Chowrasta turns to Anser road. After that, Anser road will take you to the southeast of Green view Golf Resort.

Services and Facilities:

The five-star standard hotel. Enjoying the top-of-the-line resort, with top facilities including a green restaurant and a playground for children and sports facilities, as well as the private Zoo. For the avid gamer there are unique game options, including tennis courts, basketballcourts bubble-ball and badminton. They also organize games inside for their guests, such as pool and billiards.

Package of Greenview Golf Resort:

Room typeRoom Rent
Standard room9800 tk
Deluxe Golf villa16,675 tk
Swan Villa25,000 tk

Contact Information:

Phone: +88 09614733684


Location: Ansar Road, Vangnahati, Sreepur, Gazipur ,Bangladesh


Resorts in Gazipur

10.Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort

Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort is a perfect, serene, and serene, gorgeous exotic spot for a vacation. It is a wonderful place to enjoy fresh air and a day-night ambiance to pass your most relaxing time. An undiscovered gem in the lush, green countryside of Pubail. 

Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort is beautiful located near the picturesque terrain of Pubail. It is among other resorts and is also one of the top resorts in Gazipur. The resort is an ideal peaceful and tranquil place to take an entire holiday.

Travel Direction:

Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort is located only 16km away distant from Shahajalal International Airport, Dhaka. The journey begins at ShahJalal International Airport to Tongi station, then Pubail College gate. Pubail rail gate , which is next to Pubail's Socio-Cultural Centre Resort around 3KM.

Services and Facilities:

In VIP Bungalows there is a large space that is equipped with AC. Outdoor B.B.Q Party facilities, dining space with a view of the lake, Paddleboats, Badminton restaurants, drinking areas Room service, wheelchair access. Playground for children, kids' pool.


1. Private hire for outdoor events corporate & social events.

2. Conferences.

3. A special corporate social event.

4. Hosting a special outdoor diner party.

5. Meetings for overseas corporate clients.

6. Corporate off days.

7. BBQs and picnics for groups.

8. Wanting to simply escape the hum of the city and have a great outdoor dinner gathering.


1. VIP Banglows.
2. High space banglows with AC.
3. Outdoor barbecue.
4. Dinning area overlooking the lake.
5. Badminton.
6. Paddle boats
7. Fishing.
8. Children’s playground.
9. Children’s small swimming pools.
10. Tour of local village areas with local fishermen.
11. Continental foods service.
12. Restaurants and drinks areas.
13. Room service.
14. Wheelchair access.
15. Airport transportation.
16. 24/7 electricity backup.

Package of Pubail Socio-Cultural Centre Resort:

Room typeRoom Rent
Oronno(Single Bed)7,000 tk
Chameli(Single Bed)4,000 tk
Chameli(Double Bed)7,500 tk
Krishnochura(Single Bed)5,000 tk
Krishnochura(Double Bed)7,500 tk
Surjomukhi(Double Bed)7,500 tk
Grand superior room(VIP)10,000 tk
Luxury Room(VIP)10,000 tk

Contact Information:

Phone: +8801730710341, +8801703234583


Location: Demorpara,P.O: Pubail,Distrcit:Gazipur,Dhaka,Bangladesh

Corporate Office: 19 Monipuripara, 3rd floor, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215


Resorts in Gazipur

In recent times, fans of nature, would like to plan their special occasions like wedding anniversary, engagement and birthdays at an alternative location. It is possible to do this as some resorts have an incredible conference hall. The kids can have a paradise that isn't often found within the urban. 

I attempted to identify the the Top 10 Resorts in Gazipur and provide almost details about them. Since if you book an expensive hotel yet you receive tours you want, your time and money would be a complete go to waste. Before you book, make contact with the resort and inquire regarding their facilities, services terms and conditions, and then take a relaxing vacation with your loved ones and family.

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