Best 15 Ski Resorts in Michigan

Michigan is known as the sole state of America that shares borders with all five of the Great Lakes. Additionally, Michigan features the highest vertical drop in the Midwest and is the most sought-after destination for skiing.

The state is a great winter destination for tourists due to its more than 40 ski resorts, more than 1000 runs as well as 50 different terrain parks.

The facilities for skiing aren’t just the thing that set Michigan apart as a desirable destination state. The convenience and price let you enjoy the top ski areas with the whole family.

Pack your skis and get your kids prepared for a fun trip to one of these Michigan resorts for skiing. These top eight family ski resorts are guaranteed to be able to create a winter memorable.

Best Ski Resorts in Michigan

Ski Resorts in Michigan and Snowboard season is in full swing, which means lots of skiing terrain, as well as endless runs of fresh, fluffy snow, are waiting to be enjoyed by you.

No matter if you’re an experienced snowboarder or skier, Michigan has the perfect ski slope for you. It doesn’t matter if you reach the summit of your mountain using an oar tow or chairlifts, or magical carpets, it’s time to start putting on the snow!

Guide to Ski Resorts in Michigan

The ski capital of the Midwest, Michigan is home to more than 40 resorts for skiing that offer a variety of snowboarding and skiing beginning with beginners to advanced.

Additionally, you'll find a vast range of activities and amenities at every resort ski area including downhill skiing and snowboarding, you can also enjoy cross-country ski, snow tubing fat tire cycling, and many more.

Although the length of the ski season can vary depending on the weather, thanks to favorable snow reports from the Old Farmers Almanac, Michigan's season of skiing is likely to belong.

This means that you'll be able to plan plenty of time in the snow and enjoy winter activities at Michigan's top ski resorts.

If skiing in the snow isn't your thing, then you can discover luxurious spas and cozy lodges that are ideal spots to have some winter fun inside.

About Ski Resorts in Michigan: What’s Different

If you've ever tried skiing through the Rockies, Vermont, or Canada You're going to be in for a treat when you find yourself the possibility of skiing in Michigan.

No matter if you're located situated in the Upper Peninsula, northern Michigan, or even the southeast region of Michigan it's possible to plan an easy ski vacation: consult our guide for skiing resorts across Michigan.

It's going to be a spectacular landscape, and Where else than The Homestead Resort, in the middle of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, can take a lookout at Lake Michigan from the top of the ski slopes? You can also try night skiing on Marquette Mountain or Big Powderhorn in the Upper Peninsula, where the snow sparkles in the light of a snowy winter kingdom?

Where to Ski In Michigan: Find Your BEST Ski Resorts in Michigan

No matter if you're a veteran snowboarder or skier, getting started, or seeking a winter getaway location to take your loved ones, Michigan has a ski zone for you.

PRO-TIP: No gear? Don't let that stop you from pursuing a rental: there are rentals accessible almost everywhere.

What’s the Best Ski Resorts in Michigan?

It's a query that has numerous answers...and this is our take It's all in the details.

Michigan is home to more than forty distinct ski resorts. This is a plus for those who prefer to ski in groups or with family members since not everyone is at the same level. With all the facilities that are available at the resorts, if there's someone who isn't a skier in your group you can point them towards the tubing park at the resort and they'll surely enjoy themselves.

Certain ski resorts cater for snowboarders and skiers in families and groups with a variety of slopes at various degrees of difficulty. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Skilled Skiers

For instance, experienced skiers looking for a more challenging experience may want to try the terrain park on Boyne Mountain, or to Mount Bohemia Ski Resort in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, home of the largest climb in the Midwest. Other Ski Resorts in Michigan offer moguls, terrain parks, as well as numerous black diamond slopes.

New to Skiing and Snowboarding?

A lot of Ski Resorts in Michigan provide expert instruction by top-rated instructors with both group and private lessons or ski schools that aim to take you on and off the mountain within a short time. Many of these ski areas are linked to resorts. If they aren't, there are numerous hotels located in Michigan situated near the ski resort to take care of visitors.

Ski Resorts in Michigan:

1. Big Snow Resort

Big Snow delivers on its name. On average it gets greater than 17 feet of powder covering its two mountains, Indianhead Mountain and Blackjack Mountain. Both are designed to cater to any level of skier intermediate and novice skiers will have a bit more terrain at Blackjack. Indianhead Mountain does have a comfortable beginner's area that is padded with a new carpet for skiing.

If you're looking for the size you're looking at, Indianhead weighs in as the top choice, boasting the largest skiable area of 230 acres and 170 acres. Both mountain resorts offer weekend night skiing starting January 1 day. Both mountains are host to two well-known terrain parks. Indianhead Mountain recently added a new glade area that gives you an opportunity to get rid of the groomers.

Big Snow isn't just about skiing, but it hosts live music on weekends and many other activities, like yoga classes at Blackjack Mountain Ski Lodge.

Do you need a break from skiing? Take a trip to the tubing slides as well as the Yeti The Snow Fort in Blackjack and slide and climb until you're satisfied. The two mountain areas Big Snow Resort also feature eight places to grab food.

Address: Indianhead Road, Wakefield, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

2. Boyne Resorts

The most well-known resort in Michigan is Boyne it is actually made up of two mountain ranges, Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands. They are the two biggest resorts in the lower part of Michigan and both boast more than 400 acres and trails running for more than 115 miles. Boyne Highlands also has a 1.25-mile trail that makes it the longest ski trail within Michigan. The amenities in the mountains seem more like the ones in the West.

In Boyne Mountain Resort, you'll see America's very first high-speed, six-place chairlift. Boyne Highlands has Michigan's first four-place chairlift. In addition, both mountains have 11 terrain parks, as well as the SnowSports Academy is always praised by visitors. Both mountain resorts also provide beginners' freeskiing and snowboarding areas for beginners.

If you're not interested in the downhill experience The mountains offer over 35 miles of snowshoe and cross-country trails. The mountains are also known for their overnight lodgings such as cabins and lodges or ski-in ski chalets.

From the 2018/19 season onwards, Boyne Highland and Boyne Mountain Resort were made part of the Ikon Pass ski resort.

Address: 1 Boyne Mountain Road, Boyne Falls, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

3. Crystal Mountain

Crystal has earned a spot on lists of the top 10 most popular family-friendly ski resorts in the United States and Canada, placing it in the same category of big names such as Deer Valley in Utah and Steamboat Springs in Colorado. It is not just due to the 102 acres of terrain that can be skied but also to the facilities at the resort.

A few of the unique features that are available at Crystal Mountain include luxury cottages situated at the foot of the mountain, free events like campfires for the family, and an indoor swimming pool that has a play area. Crystal Mountain also has an array of other activities in the snow, including snowshoeing with fat tires, snowcat riding, and snowmobiling.

Crystal hosts an 18,500 square-foot spa certified by LEED. The Crystal Spa has treatments specifically designed to relieve soreness and pain in winter. The slopes are home to nine lifts that provide access to more than 58 routes including 27 that are lit in the night for skiing. The resort also offers three terrain areas, as well as the glade area has six.

Address: 12500 Crystal Mountain Drive, Thompsonville, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

4. Ski Brule

It might seem more of a dessert rather than the concept of a ski area If you've ever skied at Ski Brule once, you'll be able to see why this is the most coveted sweet dessert. Ski Brule is consistently rated in the top ten Midwest's most popular resorts. It is also expected to be among the first to start operating, often even in the month of October, and remains open for approximately six months.

Much of the credit is due to its position near its border with Wisconsin or Michigan border in addition to its incredible capacity to create snow. In less than 24 hours, it's able to create enough snow to allow access to any among its 17 ski trails. It also offers 3 terrain parks and including a tubing area and is open late at night for skiers.

Other snow-related activities available on offer at Ski Brule include fat biking ski cross-country, cross-country skiing, as well as Sleigh rides. Also, the exclusive Acrobat in the resort lets guests jump five feet onto an inflatable landing platform (free when you purchase an admission ticket to the lift).

The programs that cater to children for children at Ski Brule include an on-site daycare facility, special lessons, and free ski lessons for kids less than nine years old each Sunday.

Address: 397 Brule Mountain Road, Iron River, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

5. Mount Bohemia

Verticality is among the major reasons people visit Mount Bohemia in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In this area, you'll find one of the highest verticals in the Midwest at 990 feet. Mount Bohemia is also blessed with a bounty in lake-effect snow receiving an average of 273 inches each year.

Because the ski trails have been groomed, and slopes are either advanced or expert, Mount Bohemia is solely for serious skiers who will, without doubt, be enthralled by the mountain's vast backcountry. The forest runs have the cliffs dropping down and chutes. Mount Bohemia now also oversees the development of close Voodoo Mountain offering more intermediate slopes as well as snowcat skis.

The resort recently also inaugurated the first Midwest-based hostel for skiers. Its Log Cabin Hostel at Mount Bohemia offers 24 bunks that are coed in two rooms, as well as a sauna and an outdoor hot tub, each of them located on the slopes. There is also the option of bunking in a yurt, sleeping 10 persons each - or in one of the 12 log cabins which can be used for seven guests each.

Address: 6532 Gay Lac La Belle Road, Mohawk, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

6. Nub's Nob Ski Area

If you're looking to get their skis in for the very first time prior to going West the Nub's Nob is the perfect place to be. It's because 30 percent of the trails are classified as easy, while the remaining 50 percent are marked as intermediate. There's only a small portion designated for the most difficult trails, and with 427 feet of vertical drop, even intermediate skiers will be able to conquer these trails.

For complete beginners, There's a no-cost beginner's zone with the chairlift. If you're unsure whether or not you'll be a fan You can test it out before purchasing tickets. Ages 8 and younger and those 70+ can ski for no cost. Once you're at the top, Pintail Peak is an enjoyable place to ski along gentle trails.

The Nub's Nob Ski Area expanded its activities in the past few years to make snow along with adding to its collection of snowcats that make corduroy. A new expansion to the resort features the two-kilometer snowshoe trail, which allows skiers on uphill trails to get access to their Arena Glades without taking a lift.

Address: 500 Nubs Nob Road, Harbor Springs, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

7. Pine Mountain Resort

Hidden away in an area known as the Upper Peninsula, family-friendly Pine Mountain is said to be the most groomed slopes in the Midwest. It offers more than 30 trails, a terrain park as well as night skiing. What makes Pine Mountain apart, though is its ski jump, which is often regarded as the top in the world.

Every year in February each year, Kiwanis Ski Club hosts Jump Weekend. Kiwanis Ski Club hosts Jump Weekend in which the top jumpers from around all over the globe have established many records over the years. Actually, there is a US record for the highest jump, 459 feet which currently stands, which was set at Pine Mountain. More than 20,000 people attend Jump Weekend.

The ownership change in 2018 of Pine Mountain brought about the start of a multi-million-dollar renovation at the hotel. Overnight guests staying at The Lodge at Pine Mountain this year can take advantage of the new rooms, with the Alpine style and have easy ski access. The resort also has newly renovated trailside condos in Cedar Haus. Cedar Haus.

Address: N3332 Pine Mountain Road, Iron Mountain, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

8. Shanty Creek Resort

Intermediate and beginner skiers flock at Shanty Creek Resort, which offers two distinct ski areas: Schuss Mountain and Summit Mountain which have 53 runs in total. More than 60% of the trails are suitable for beginners as well as intermediate skiers. However, Shanty Creek Resort does have advanced terrain, too.

Shanty Creek Resort also features three terrain parks tubing fat tire biking as well as 30 km of track-set and groomed tracks to Nordic skiers.

Daily lift tickets range from the price of $65 (weekday) or the price of $85 (weekend) (for adults). The resort also provides discounted lift tickets for night skiing that takes place from 5 pm to 9 pm, Wednesday through Saturday.

Tickets for lifts are good on each of Schuss Mountain and Summit Mountain. Shanty Creek Resort also recently upgraded its rental equipment to incorporate the most modern equipment from Rossignol the leader in the field of skiing technology.

Address: 5780 Shanty Creek Road, Bellaire, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

9. Caberfae Peaks

The Lower Peninsula of Michigan near the city of Cadillac The Caberfae Peaks region is awash with lakes effect snow. This is not just an average of 140 inches of snowfall per year and also helps contribute to the fluffy and light powder that creates thrilling riding.

Caberfae Peaks is spread out over 200 acres of skiable terrain and has 34 named ski runs with 485 meters of altitude change.

The lodge is located at the foot of the hill, the Mackenzie Lodge offers 39 rooms on the slope. The lodge also offers an outdoor heated spa and pool. Stay-and-Ski packages for Caberfae Peaks are perfect for an affordable getaway for families.

Address: 1 Caberfae Lane, Cadillac, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

10. Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Big Powderhorn is a favorite ski area in the Upper Peninsula and has something for all levels of skiers. The ski area spans over 250 acres of skiable land with 45 named trails that range from bunny hills to black diamond tracks such as "Cannonball" and "Don't Chute." Nine double chairlifts serve the many trails.

The slope-side accommodation is available on the slopes of Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort in the Caribou Lodge. Overnight guests are granted access to the exclusive sauna and pool at the lodge.

It is also home to the Caribou Lodge is also the spot to eat a delicious dinner or an apres-ski on the slopes. The menu in the lodge includes pasta or surf and turf, as well as hot sandwiches.

Address: 11375 Powderhorn Road, Bessemer, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

11. Marquette Mountain

Along with the shores of Lake Superior, Marquette Mountain is another popular resort located in the Upper Peninsula. Marquette Mountain is an ideal winter getaway for Marquette residents, which includes students from Northern Michigan University.

Alongside the great winter conditions, the cheap seasonal passes, lift tickets, and season tickets to the summit tend to draw crowds.

Marquette Mountain has a variety of groomers that cover approximately 160 acres. A majority of the trails are lit up to allow night skiing all seven days throughout the day. The mountain also has weekday, weekend, and evening rentals of ski gear - ideal for those who are just beginning to learn about skiing.

Address: 4501 M-553, Marquette, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

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12. Mount Holly Ski & Snowboard Resort

Mount Holly is in the Groveland Valley of Southeast Michigan about an hour's drive to northwest Detroit. The resort is known for its lengthy season and a limited selection of slopes, most of which are designed for an intermediate or advanced skier.

Mount Holly has 16 runs in total, which are accessible via seven chairlifts as well as 2 rope tows. The total drop in elevation at the resort is approximately 350 feet, providing fast and dynamic trails to the lowest. Also, with 100% of the mountain being able to be treated with artificial snow, each day brings new tracks to create.

For beginners, there is also fun on the mountain. Two ropes tows and the magic carpet provide easy runs that are close towards the major mountain. This beginner's area is a fantastic location to start before taking on the more difficult slopes.

Address: 13536 Dixie Highway, Holly, Michigan


Ski Resorts in Michigan

13.Boyne Highlands

Boyne Highlands Northern Michigan resort is a great choice for those who want a luxury experience. Boyne Highland is home to around 500 vertical feet 60 trails, more than 415 skiable acres as well as 15 lifts. The trails are divided to allow skiers of different abilities. Additionally, certain terrains have super pipes that enhance the snowboarders' experience.

The conditions for skiing are excellent at Boyne Highlands are family-friendly, making it a great place in Michigan to enjoy your winter getaway.

Rooms are available from well-maintained apartments, rentals, to upscale hotel rooms.

Boyne highlands has more than skiing and snowboarding. Every winter sport you could imagine - from dog sledding, the snow tube to skating is offered.

There are many activities to enjoy, such as that Sno-Go Hot Cocoa Hustle for an enjoyable relay race and a competitive family time. It is the Enchanted Trail adventure at Boyne Highlands is an enchanting and relaxing walk of two miles through a stunning winter trail, which ends in a bonfire with hot beverages.

Sno-Go Bikes should be tried with your family members for an exciting and beautiful morning. It is built to handle all types of snow and offer the most stunning Boyne Highlands views and experiences.

You can indulge in luxurious and relaxing in the hotel with top catering services, accompanied by tasty food and premium drinks.

The romantic moonlit dinner accompanied by a bonfire and stunning music from a guitar player is unforgettable, and the perfect way to end the day of active skiing.

There are programs for training novices to ensure that everyone is happy in the hotel. Furthermore, equipment rental for all types of activities is provided for all guests.

Address: 600 Highland Drive, Harbor Springs, MI 49740


Ski Resorts in Michigan

14.Boyne Mountain

In the Boyne Falls region, Boyne Mountain resort offers an excellent skiing area with a vertical height that is 500 feet and a top elevation of 1120 feet. elevation. The base elevation of approximately 620 feet. The annual snowfall average of 11 feet.

The terrain is home to 60 runs The longest of them measuring 1 mile. It covers 415 acres of accessible skiable terrain, in addition to 200 acres of night-skiing terrain. Additionally, there are 35 km of cross-country trails and 3.5 km of trails for snowshoeing.

The lifts include 12, including high-speed sixes and triple chairs, quad chairs double chairs and surface lifts.

The sound of skiers scratching snow crystals provides enjoyable cross-country skiing. They are groomed to any level of experience and are perfect for enjoying the pine-forest views with your loved ones on the easy trails.

The possibilities for activities are endless. For instance, you could take Sno-Go biking through the wilderness for an adrenaline-inducing experience.

Boyne Mountain has a smooth surface that provides a stunning background for skating on ice. The skating rink is large and well-maintained. Also, there are hockey skates.

Based on your ski skills There are many pistes, from beginner runs to expert ones.

Fat snow biking with tires is a different option to have fun with your loved ones. If you're a cyclist make sure you are ready for an electric bike ride in the snow and along with the stunning road trails system.

The snowshoeing on the four-kilometer trails provides a rewarding and breathtaking experience. Try snow tubing to experience the ultimate experience in the snow. If you've not yet attempted the activity, Boyne Mountain is the spot that provides the ideal opportunity to join in with your loved ones. Take in the fresh mountain air and have fun on the snow tubing down the slope.

The experience of swimming in this place is truly out of the norm. The pool is heated that provides a great escape from the winter. There are also small, supervised tubs for children where they can splash around in the water.

Experience the thrill of the top of the mountain by taking the thrill of a zipline. Boyne Mountain ziplines fly above 50 feet, at a rate of 25 miles an hour and span 780 feet in length. The zipline is located at the top of the mountain and continues into the Boyne slopes. The views are stunning of the mountains and trees. The whole family doesn't have to have any experience to experience a thrilling ziplining trip.

There are plenty of extras like bonfires and evening sleigh rides, storytime, and films. Numerous dining options such as Everett's or Beach House Restaurant are available. Accommodation choices include condos, chalets villas, suites, and chalets.

There are rental options for ski and snowboarding equipment. The rates for renting bikes are affordable, with prices less than twenty dollars for an hour.

Boyne Mountain has a wide variety of fun and affordable outdoor activities that will keep you coming back for more.

Address: 1 Boyne Mountain Road, Boyne Falls, MI 49713


Ski Resorts in Michigan

15.Treetops Resort

The Treetops ski resort has a vertical drop of 225 feet as well as an elevation base of 1120 feet. The average snowfall in this area is fourteen feet. The terrain covers 80 acres, with 2 parks, 23 trails, and five lifts, including three triple chairs and two lifts with the surface.

Winter holidays with the Treetops Resort are the most amazing, featuring activities such as extreme tubing and skiing. With the variety of activities offered on the property, the family is able to choose what they'd like to do.

Downhill skiing is a unique experience at the Treetops and is unlike other resorts for skiing in Michigan. If you're an experienced or novice the downhill slopes are groomed for all levels.

Skiing cross-country is possible on the trails, and they are suitable for all levels of ability, from beginner to advanced. Additionally, the trails run over the Jones Masterpiece golf course. Jones Masterpiece golf course, which gives you an opportunity to observe wildlife while you ski through the woods.

The lodging options include chalets cottages, suites, and condos.

You can take your dogs for an exciting bonding time during The Treetops dog sled race. The adventure starts with the snow trails of the resort that wind meander through Treetop's gorgeous hills.

The resort has 24 runs that you can select from with various terrains that are ideal for riders of different levels.

If you're looking to do something completely different, increase your winter mood by taking an enchanting sleigh ride with your family at Treetops. You can also enjoy a wilderness experience while you travel through the woods on the sleigh.

Enjoy a break from skiing and sleigh rides with an easy tube ride. Treetops Resort is among the top winter tubing spots in Michigan for fun with the family. Skills and coordination aren't required for this sport.

Tubing runs can be more than 400 feet in length, with an average vertical drop of 80 feet. The duration of the runs ranges from 55 minutes and it is suitable for children too.

Scavenger hunts and other activities are available to keep kids entertained and excited about the trip. The resort's kids can go searching for Treetops rubber bracelets in various stores and embellish themselves with the bracelets. The resort might offer rewards for families should your child find the entire bracelet.

Enjoy a wintery holiday in Treetops fat tire bike riding on the snow-covered trails of the resort.

Address: 3962 WILKINSON ROAD GAYLORD, MI 49735 


Ski Resorts in Michigan

Ski Resorts in Michigan F.A.Q.

Q. How Many Ski Resorts in Michigan?

A. The number of more than forty Ski Resorts in Michigan and the state boasts the most ski areas of any state, other than New York. Michigan's ski resorts vary in skill levels from beginners to advanced skiers and have extremely challenging runs.

Q. What’s the Biggest Ski Resort in Michigan?

A. The largest resort for skiing located in Michigan can be found at Boyne Highlands in Harbor Springs. The resort, which is located in the northern portion of the lower peninsula of Michigan is home to 435 acres of skiable terrain and has the highest elevation and miles of runs.

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