The Secret to Winning ‘The Pen Game’ With FACEBOOK AND TIKTOK Videos

Pen games have frustrated almost everyone who has played it, because the majority of players do not know the best way to play.

The game that has gained popularity through Facebook, Instagram, and the most recently TikTok is more than a game, and requires two or more participants, and the use of a pen.

The purpose in the game to find out how you can play, but it’s not as difficult as it appears!

 Pen Game


If you’re the one playing the pen game It is crucial to ensure that the others you’re playing with don’t know how to play. This helps make it more enjoyable.

All you require is a pencil and just say, ‘I’m playing the pen game. Will you play the pen game by pointing to different participants in the room with every word. Before you start, it is essential to accept the invitation and then say it casually. After that, you can pass the pen to another person and watch them struggle to discover the best way to play. They will get frustrated when they attempt to replicate your actions and fail to make the right decision.

This is such a fun group game! Church games, camp games, team building games, funny games, brain games, games for kids and more! Also a great way to waste time in class!


The best way to get ahead is to say “Okay before beginning. The person who initiated the game stated ‘Okay, I’m able to play the pen game, can you play with me However, most people don’t realize that the word ‘okay’ is in the phrase, and thus miss it when they are given the opportunityand lose.

The reaction of those who watch are what have led to the videos going viral. The people are extremely frustrated because they believe they’ve copied someone else exactly, and even point at the same people with a pencil and saying exactly the exact phrase, but they don’t begin with the word “OK”.

How do you play the Pen Game rules? Pen Game rules

Pen Game Pen Game features two sentences as well as a lot of pointing with a pen. However, all the pointing is an elaborate trick to confuse your opponent. There’s only one rule in Pen Game Pen Game, and that’s to use the word “okay,” before you begin the next sentence.

To be able to play the game correctly for a fair game, you need to be able to say, “Okay, I can play the Pen Game. Are you able to take part in Pen Game? Pen Game?”

The point of playing a game isn’t to be a game in the first place all. It’s to find the rules that allow you to play, while leaving everyone else in your group and family members feel totally overwhelmed and dissatisfied.

Fun game, right? It’s not a frightening thing at all!

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