Top 10 Biggest Banks In the World 2021

biggest banks in the world, banks or financial institutions providing a breadth of products and services, including managing deposits, lending, wealth management, currency exchange and investment banking. These banks customers include individual consumers, businesses and many other types of institutions clients. Today, large banks cater to their traditional clients, which includes individual customers both large and small companies by offering savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit, loans and similar services. However, the success and wealth of the majority of banks in the world can be attributed to how well their economy is doing as well as other factors. If you don’t really know anything about banking, and are curious to find out what the world’s biggest banks are, then here’s a list of your worries. Hello disperses. Welcome back to another enchanting video brought to you by grace media. If you’re a new welcome, make sure to like, share, subscribe, and also turn on your notification for more incoming videos. Below we will take a look at the 10 biggest banks in the world. It’s determined by their amount of assets

10. Crédit Agricole group total assets $2.13 trillion.

It’s a French bank and one of the largest companies in France. It’s the world’s largest cooperate financial institution, and in 1900 90, become an international full service Banking Group. However, it consisted of 39 credit Agricole or regional banks, and a vast network of local banks. It’s headquartered in Montrose, France, and serves a variety of customers around the world. The bank controls a significantly large part of the French banking system, and is known for its working historical ties within the farming industry. According to recent data, this bank has an approximate current total asset balance of $2.13 trillion.

9. Bank of America back total assets $2.35 trillion.

This bank is the second biggest banking institution in America, with assets totaling $2.35 trillion. It serves approximately 10.73% of American bank deposits, and primarily deals with commercial banking, wealth management and investment banking. However, it was founded in 1784 and headquartered in Charlotte city, North Carolina. This bank now serves clients all over the world, and from its 5000 financial retail centers. It’s also one of the largest companies in the United State, employing over 208,000 people. In 2008, it acquired Merrill Lynch, making it the world’s largest wealth manager. However, it’s listed on the New York Stock Exchange and as part of the sand p 500. Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.







8. BNP Paribas total assets $2.33 trillion.

Next on the list is BNP Paribas, which is a French international banking group. It’s currently the world’s eighth largest bank by its total number of assets, and can be found operating in 77 countries.

Also, the bank was formed through a merger in 2000, between bank Nationale de Paris, BNP Paribas. However, its origins date back as far as 1840 when it’s believed the bank first founded it headquartered in Paris, France, is employed over 190,000 people and receives the majority of its annual revenue from everyday client accounts. However, this bank has for domestic retail banking markets, located in France, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg in 2009, as a result of BNP 75% purchase of 14 Bank, the Belgian bank is now the largest Eurozone deposit holder.

7. HSBC Holdings plc total assets goal in $2.55 trillion.

It’s a British multinational investment bank and Financial Holdings company. By 2018. It was considered to be the seventh largest bank in the world and the largest in Europe. Furthermore, the bank has more than 1000 locations and eight offices in the UK 460 throughout the United States. With over 4 million customers worldwide. This bank offers private banking, corporate finance, retail and commercial banking to its customers. It’s headquartered in London, England and currently employs over 235,000 people. Furthermore, this bank can be found in roughly 65 countries around the globe and is listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

6. JPMorgan Chase and co total assets $2.62 trillion.

Financial Services holding company and multinational investment bank is the biggest bank in America and the sixth largest in the world, providing products to its clients in over 100 countries. The bank is involved with Asset Management Investment Services, wealth management and securities. This bank came as a result of several large banks merging together In 2000, and is now one of the most expensive companies in the world. It’s headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. However, it’s also one of the largest investment companies in the world.


5. Mitsubishi of Financial Group had total assets $2.81 trillion.

coming in as the number five biggest bank on our list. It has total assets of $2.81 trillion, and is Japan’s largest bank holding Financial Group. Also, it’s one of the main companies of Mitsubishi Corporation, and offers its customers a variety of services including commercial banking, asset management, trust, banking, and international finance. It was created in 2005, after a merger between two of Japan’s largest banks, the Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group and UFJ holdings. It’s currently headquartered in Osaka city and employs over 106,000 people. For Bank of China total assets $3 trillion, the next Asian bank on our list and the first of the Big Four is the Bank of China. It’s one of the four biggest state owned commercial banks in China and was founded in 1900 12 by the republican government, and is now considered to be the oldest bank in mainland China is headquartered in Beijing, China, and employs approximately 310,000 people with offices in over 20 countries. The bank offers investment banking, insurance and investing services, personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, asset and liability management. In addition, approximately 70% of the company is owned by the Chinese government with assets totaling just over $3 trillion.

3. agricultural Bank of China total assets $3.2 trillion.

The next of the big four banks of China, as it is also known, is the third biggest bank in the world and one of the 10 largest companies on the planet. It was founded in 1900 51. It has branches in Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, New York, London, and many more in the world’s biggest cities. However, it headquartered in Beijing, it employs over 444,000 people and is owned entirely by the state. It has 320 million retail customers and 2.7 million corporate clients around the world, which are taken care of from one of its 24,000 branches. In 2010, this bank went public achieving the world’s biggest ever IPO at the time, which has since been beaten by Alibaba.

2. China Construction Bank Corporation total assets $3.3 trillion

is the second biggest bank in the world. This bank has approximately 13,629 domestic branches and has overseas branches in Frankfurt, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, and several other major cities. It’s headquartered in the Chang district, Beijing, it employs over 333,000 people and offers both corporate banking and personal banking. Some examples they offer on the personal side are credit cards, personal loans, deposits and wealth management. Whereas the commercial side offers credit company ebanking loans, commercial loan and credit lines.


  1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China total asset $4.2 trillion.

This is the world’s biggest bank, and also the largest in China and the biggest of China’s Big Four by the total number of assets, customers, employees, loans and deposits. However, the state owned bank was founded in 1900 84 as a limited company, and has grown to be the largest public company in the world by its sheer number of assets. It headquartered in Beijing, China, and employs a whopping 460,000 people across branches in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. The 70% government owned company ranked number one overall in the bankers top 1000 World Bank’s ranking and first on the Forbes Global 2000 of the world’s biggest public companies. This bank’s total assets are thought to be in the region of $4.2 trillion, according to the latest data.

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