Top 10 Tourist Places in Sylhet

Sylhet is a city in the east Bangladesh situated in the River Surma. It is considered to be one of Bangladesh’s top cultural and spiritual centers. There are numerous Mazars of saints such as Hazrat Shahjalal(R), Hazrat Shah Paran(R). There are many more famous individuals such as Hasan Raja, Shah Abdul Karim, M.A.G. Osmani were born in Sylhet. It is the second most important city in Bangladesh following Dhaka as well as Chittagong. Sylhet has a significant impact on the economic development of Bangladesh.

Nature has also provided Sylhet with a variety of beautiful spots. Visitors from all over nation visit Sylhet in order to get away from their hectic lives to spend some time in peace. If you’re looking to visit Sylhet and you’ve got a good itinerary, I’ll give you some suggestions on the Top 10 Tourist Places in Sylhet that are regarded as one of the most stunning.

Tourist Places in Sylhet

Sylhet is a region that has amazing natural beauty. It is located in northeast Bangladesh the township is awash with forest, fisheries, minerals and is a natural beauty paradise.

Alongside its beautiful natural beautiful, Sylhet has a famous story. The diverse tribes of Sylhet are diverse in their cultural and language. The tea gardens Jaflong, Ratargul Jalaban, Hakaluki haor, Lalakhal, Bholaganj, Bichanakandi, Tamabil mountains, waterfalls, hills are just a few tourist attractions in Sylhet which no tourist should overlook when travelling to Sylhet.

1.Ratargul Swamp Forest

Beaty:It is hard to imagine how the silence can be so wonderful until you see the stunning beauty of a forest in the swamp known as Ratargul. Visitors can find a forest that is underwater, with plenty of huge trees that have sprouted. Ratargul Swamp Forestis one of the only freshwater swamps in the world , and the only one that is situated within Bangladesh.

The forest's name originates from the word "Rata" which is also known as "Pati" tree, which is used by the inhabitants of Sylhet.It is also known for its Sundarbans, which are located in Sylhet. The forest is protected by the Department of Forestry, Government of Bangladesh.

Best time for Visit: Beautiful Ratargul Swamp Forest is completely blossomed during the season of rain and is not dull in other times. Don't miss out on the chance to take a trip through the forest and make your moment memorable and unforgettable in your life.The most ideal time to go to Ratargul Swamp Forest is early in the morning, or in the evening of the rainy season , but in winter, it is possible to explore the forest on feet. This is a natural and stunning nature park with hills, mountains and waterfalls, and hills..

Location: Ratargul Swamp Forest is located in Gowain River, Fatehpur Union, Gowainghat, Sylhet, Bangladesh.Ratargul is located about 26 km away from Sylhet.There is a total of 3,325 acres wetland area in Sylhet range-2 of the forest department . In the it is a wetland. Ratargul swamp forest covers around 504 acres.

How to Visit: For a visit to Ratargul Swamp Forest, you must first go first to Sylhet City first. From Sylhet then, you need to use CNG (mini taxi) to Goain Ghat. It takes 2.5 to 3 hours and will cost you 450 to 500 BDT. The journey from Goain Ghat need to reserve an Trawler (local engine boats) to go into the forest.

Tourist Places in Sylhet


Beauty: JAflong is renowned for its stone collection and is home to Khasia. Khasia tribe. Jaflong can also be a picturesque area in the vicinity of tea gardens and the unique beauty of the rolling stones that are found in hills. It is possible to view Dauki Bazar on hills of Meghalaya and Hanging bridge that connects two hillocks of Meghalaya It is stunning.

Best time for Visit: If you're looking to explore nature's beauty in Jaflong the ideal time to go is in the middle of monsoon (July-September). If you're looking to capture photos of the stone-collecting actions, you should visit in the winter months (October until May). There aren't any stone-collecting activities during the monsoon season.

Location: Jaflong is 60.7 km from Sylhet.It is situated in the Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District and lies at the frontier to Bangladesh as well as Meghalaya. Indian State of Meghalaya and Meghalaya, which is surrounded by subtropical mountains and forests.

How to Visit: It is possible to travel to Jaflong with CNG or auto using BDT 1200 to 2000. If you choose to take Microbus the cost will be BDT 3000-5000 throughout the day. From any location in Sylhet city, you can be able to find CNG as well as Auto Rickshaw. If you're part of an organization, the most efficient and most affordable option is to go using Microbuses.

Tourist Places in Sylhet

3.Pang Thu Mai

Beauty: Panthumai Waterfall has a different atmosphere that can only be experienced when visiting the spot. Tourists of all kinds such as those who prefer peace and quiet to relax and take in the scenery or those who love to wander around to explore the area, Panthumai is an unbeatable and unforgettable experience. The Peain river Peain is flowing right beside Panthumai and visitors who travel by boats on the Peain are able to view a beautiful natural canvas that is full of life and energy.

Best time for Visit: It is a given that, just like the other towns located in Sylhet, Panthumai can be enjoyed to the max during the monsoon time.

Location: Pang Thu Mai Village is a bordering village. It is located in Gowainghat sylhet district. 

How to Visit: You can rent a vehicle from Rent-A Car service to reach Pang Thu Mai. If you don't, you can hire a CNG auto rickshaws in Sylhet City and head towards Gowainghat. From the Gowainghat stand , you can get CNG to reach the area dubbed Mathurartal. From Mathurartal you will be able to reach Pang Thu Mai by walking for a short distance.

Tourist Places in Sylhet


Beaty: A country dotted by hills of different sizes and shapes, an absolute delight to the eyes, the rivers that flow under Jainta Hill. Jainta Hill which flows from India and flows into Bangladesh traverses the route when it turns and the sway of the Riverside winds as it reaches the face of a person are things that are sure to touch a visitor's heart and make an impression on the heart of their travel experience.

Best time for Visit: April to November The women tribal workers picking tea at the tea plantations at Jaflong and Lalakhal This is extremely stunning. December through February: The water colour in Lalakhal can be seen as blue. In other times it's muggy, particularly during monsoon.

Location: Lalakhal is situated in the city of division Sylhet Jaintapur Upazila. The Lalakhal river flows into Bangladesh through its source in the Cherapunji Hills in India, about 35km away from Sylhet.

How to Visit: If you want to travel to Lalakhal to reach Lalakhal from Sylhet for Lalakhal, travel by Laguna microbus, Jaflong or a bus that is located in entrance of the Osmani Children's Park on the banks of Dhopadighi in the city. Once you've reached it, you'll arrive at Sarighat. Sarighat is situated in between Sylhet as well as Jaflong. Autorickshaws powered by CNG to Lalakhal are available in Sarighat.

Tourist Places in Sylhet


Beaty: The primary reason to visit Bisnakandi in the eyes of visitors is the crystal clear water that flows over the rocks and the white clouds that float across the mountain ranges. On first sight, you'd think that it was a rock bed. If you can lean your body into the crystal clear water, you will experience calmness of your mind. Peace will lead you back to Bisnakandi again again and back. It's like Bisnakandi has been spreading magic in nature through the mixing of rocks, mountains and rivers with springs, rivers, and mountains. 

Best time for Visit: Bisnakandi can be visited throughout the year. However, it is the perfect timing for a Bisnakandi excursion is during the time of the rainy season. Due to the abundance of flows of water throughout the area, the beauty of Bisnakandi is visible during this time. Other seasons There are a few instances of difficulty with travel due to the lift of the stone.

Location: Bichanakandi is a village situated in Rustompur Union under Guainghat Upazilla.

How to Visit: To reach Bisnakandi To get there, first it is necessary to go to Amberkhana Point in Sylhet City. There is an CNG station located on Airport Road. It is recommended to book CNG and then go to the place known as Hadarpar. From there, you are able to go by boat or walk to Bisnakandi.

Tourist Places in Sylhet

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6. Bholaganj

Beaty: If you are a mountain lover or love to travel on boats, observe clouds fluttering over mountains and soak your village in the cool waters of the waterfalls flowing down from the mountains then you must visit Bholaganj or Utmachara.

Best time for Visit: The ideal time to visit this amazing area can be between May to October especially during summer time. It is a paradise for tourists. Meghalayan clouds, waterfalls that flow from hills, beach shores that are sandy of Dholai endless streams and the clear water that flows from it are among the major tourist attractions that draw people to the place.

Location: It is 33 km away to the north from Sylhet city.

How to Visit: From Sylhet city, tourists can use local transport like CNGt to reach Bholaganj.

Tourist Places in Sylhet

7.Khadimnagar National Park

Beaty: Khadimnagar Rainforest can be found within the middle of 6 tea gardens and comprises 1,673 acres natural forest. The rainforest has been given the official recognition of an official National Park and is maintained with the aid of USAID.

Best time for visit: The months of November through February are considered the ideal season to go to Khadimnagar National Park, as the weather is humid and cool. July and April are the most humid months, with average temperature of 30.7degC. Minimum temperatures average of 18.9degC are also observed.

Location: It is situated 13 kilometers east to the East of Sylhet town. The park is situated in Sylhet Sadar Upazila, Sylhet District in the region of North-East in the country. It is situated within the Hills and is bordered by Kalagool, Bhurjan and Goolni tea estates.

How to visit: Visitors who are coming to Sylhet City can hire a CNG auto rickshaw anywhere seven kilometers far from Sylhet City on Tamabil Highway. The Park is located 5 km further to right left.Although it is good condition and is not a major issue for cars but it is recommended to rent an auto rickshaw during rainy days.

Tourist Places in Sylhet

8.Lova chora

Beaty: Lovachora is Lovachora is a place of beauty and natural beauty and is with the river Lova with its large tea gardens, large and small mountains and hills, waterfalls, and numerous canals. The clear Lova river flows from the Khasia-Jainta Hills of Meghalaya. The state of hill in Meghalaya located in India is not too far from Lovachora.

Best time for Visit: The monsoon season is generally the best time to travel to Sylhet for gorgeous weather. Sylhet is accessible throughout the year to tourists.

Location: Lovachora is an area that borders of Kanaighat Upazilla in the eastern portion of Sylhet district. It is a bit secured from northwest to northeast through it's Meghalayan ranges. It is basically an excavation site where boulders and stones are extracted, as well as an old tea garden.

How to Visit: It is necessary to travel through Kanaighat Upazilla Sadar first to arrive at Lovachora. There are a variety of routes in order to get to Kanaighat via Sylhet. One possibility is to take the Sylhet-Jaflong Highway and then take a left turn to Dorbosth Bazaar. The one-and-a-half hour drive is a draw by itself. To the left are rows of Jainta hills. When you reach Kanaighat Upazilla Sadar, which is situated on the banks of the Surma Tourists can rent boats to take them to Lovachora.

Tourist Places in Sylhet

9.Lawa chara National Park

Beaty: Lawachara National Park is best known for its relative possibility of seeing primates such as four species that are threatened globally, Northern Pig-tailed Macaque, Phayre's Leaf Monkey, Capped Langur and the largest species of Bangladesh that is Western Hoolock Gibbon, the only ape that is found in Bangladesh. 

It is also a sought-after spot for nature enthusiasts and researchers, and a variety of birds found in the forest are available including Oriental Pied Hornbill and Kalij Pheasant all the way to six different species of flowerpeckers - the smallest bird in Bangladesh. Research continues to discover new species for the forest , and a number of species are only found only in Bangladesh as a result of Lawachara. The micro-climate that is a result of trees that are tall with cool, fresh air and lush green is far removed from the other parts of Bangladesh.

Location: The park is situated in Kamalganj Upazila, Moulvibazar District in the northeastern part of the country. It is situated within 2 740 ha of the West Bhanugach Reserved Forest.

How to Visit: If you're looking to visit Lawachara then you must go to Srimangal First. From Srimangal it is easy to reach Lawachara with a private car, Auto Rickshaw or Jeep.

Tourist Places in Sylhet


Beaty: Tamabil is a unique tourist destination located in Sylhet. The lush green hills surrounding along with the sparkling clear lake within Tamabil will give you a new sensation of being in nature. As a border region that is bordered by streams, mountains and the numerous waterfalls in India can be observed directly from this point. There are numerous waterfalls that lie on the opposite edge of border that are breathtaking to view in the evening and at dusk. Many tourists visit at the Tamabil border each day to witness this beautiful natural beauty. Coal arrives from Bangladesh from India via this port on land.

Best time for visit: May through the month of October is the ideal time to visit this amazing region.

Location: Tamabil is situated on the border of Sylhet-Shillong Road. Tamabil is set in the middle of nature. It is located around 55 km from Sylhet town.

How to visit: It is located 52 kilometers from Sylhet. When you arrive in Sylhet you can travel by bus or CNG autorickshaw and drive towards the Sylhet-Tamabil highway.

Tourist Places in Sylhet


The distance between the capital city to Sylhet is approximately 247 kilometers. Straight roads link these two major cities, as well as districts in northeastern Bangladesh. Direct train services are available every day between Dhaka through Sylhet. Sylhet is also accessible via the plane directly. There is an international airport that is among the biggest in Bangladesh. Numerous aviation companies run flights from Dhaka to Sylhet frequently.

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