Top 15 Best Waterfalls in Michigan

Are you in search of the Best Waterfalls in Michigan? You’re at the right spot. In the article below I’ll guide you through the Best Waterfalls in Michigan you ought to see.

Michigan has a myriad of waterfalls, some tiny as well as some massive, others remote, and a few that are well frequented. The majority of the waterfalls that are in Michigan are on the Upper Peninsula and some of these are truly magical and beautiful.

There are also many famous waterfalls along the sandstone-colored cliffs of Lake Superior. The lower peninsula also has several waterfalls that are accessible and are breathtaking.

Many of the falls in Michigan are in the midst of nature, often unaffected by human beings. Upper Peninsula waterfalls aren’t often accessible and typically require a hike to get there this is why they’ve been allowed to flourish. Certain Michigan waterfalls are actually an undiscovered fact that you’ll be grateful to have revealed to you.

The idea of visiting a waterfall can be the perfect Michigan weekend getaway when paired with other activities, such as going to one of the amazing Michigan lighthouses, or the breathtaking beach of Michigan.

Don’t forget to stop to visit some of the charming tiny Michigan towns since there are some treasures to be found in this region.

These are the most beautiful Waterfalls in Michigan to take a look at.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

There are numerous Waterfalls in Michigan and some of them are in wilderness areas protected by law that provide the solitude near the flowing water truly breathtaking. The greatest concentration of waterfalls, as well as some of the most beautiful, are found on the Upper Peninsula.

If you’re looking to make an entire trip of viewing Waterfalls in Michigan You can plan your route on the Upper Michigan Waterfall Tour that takes you to more than 200 waterfalls within the area. In addition, the Lower Peninsula also has many breathtaking waterfalls to view.

When planning your excursion, bear in mind that certain periods of the year can be particularly interesting because the seasons alter in the water flow as well as the surrounding scenery around waterfalls. Spring is among the most enjoyable times to visit Michigan waterfalls as the melting snow from the mountains boosts the amount of water. Autumn is another excellent time to visit, as the hue of the trees in the forest creates an energetic backdrop to the water flowing. The waterfalls are in full bloom in a stunning frozen state while summer is the perfect time to enjoy a waterside picnic.

Although there are more Waterfalls in Michigan to visit than you could make a plan for in one visit, start with our list of the Best Waterfalls in Michigan.

Waterfalls in Michigan: Your Ultimate Guide

What's so unique about the Pure Waterfalls in Michigan?

It's the white foamy crests, which dive into and out of the steady flow of the river.

It's the rumble of water that tumbles through transparent curtains as it falls down the waterfalls.

It's the thrill of finding them, and the loud the sound before you get the glimpse.

This is why we're thrilled. This is why we enjoy Waterfalls in Michigan.

Discovering Waterfalls in Michigan

It's tempting to think that the summer months are ideal for waterfalls which is true! However, fall colors snow, and spring flowers create stunning waterfalls, as well as an unforgettable outdoor experience.

No matter what season you pick you'll be able to enjoy amazing moments.

We're thrilled to help you get started in your Michigan waterfall adventure We hope that our guide will inspire you and guide you in the right direction.

Keep exploring! Sometimes, the best waterfall experiences are those that you can discover by yourself.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan:

1. Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls is Michigan's largest waterfall The upper falls stretch up to 200 feet across and fifty feet high. Lower Tahquamenon Falls is 100 feet wide and 22 feet high situated four miles downstream. The waterfall is located in Tahquamenon Falls State Park near Paradise in the Upper Peninsula. It is the second-largest falls east of the Mississippi and is located next to Niagara Falls.

In spring, the flowing water is known for its loud roar that can be easily perceived from the parking area. The park that is a state park around the falls is a great place for nature viewing spots, so it's an ideal spot where you can bring your picnic lunch and enjoy your entire day there.

To see a clearer perspective of the falls you can hire an inflatable rowboat to capture an angle through the waters.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

2. Bond Falls

Bond Falls is one of the most picturesque and well-known waterfalls that is located near Paulding in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It is distinctive because it's not one single cascade that drops into the pool below. In fact, Bond Falls is a series of waterfalls that flow over jagged rocks. There are numerous smaller falls dropping approximately 50 feet in its descent until they reach the bottom.

Bond Falls is in the middle of the Ontonagon River in the Porcupine Mountains. One of the main reasons for the huge popularity in Bond Falls is its accessibility. It is accessible via a boardwalk, and there are six designated viewing spots. You can also park on the road and park with parking, and take a dip in the flowing water from the top of the falls from one of the tables for picnics.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

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3. Spray Falls

If you're looking for an impressive waterfall to take pictures of and photograph, then Spray Falls should top your list. It is situated near Munising in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The waterfall is distinctive because it pours out of the sandstone cliffs into Lake Superior in a spray form, hence the name.

The natural scenery around the falls offers a variety of colors, particularly during summer. the cliffs and jagged rocks surrounding Lake Superior add great texture to photos.

To reach the waterfall, climb 1.5 miles (one-way) back along the North Country National Scenic Trail beginning in Little Beaver Lake Campground. Little Beaver Lake Campground or you can book a cruise to view the waterfall from the waters.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

4. Miners Falls

The stunning Miners Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Michigan because of its beauty and accessibility. Miners Falls is situated within Munising within Michigan's Upper Peninsula Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The waterfalls are 40 feet above a jig in the sandstone cliff, which plunges into an emerald pool. It's particularly impressive following a rainstorm in spring.

The falls can be reached by taking a quick drive from Highway 13 onto a dirt road that leads to a parking spot. The trailhead is accessible from the parking area. It is a pleasant one-mile (one-way) nature hike towards the waterfall. There's a beautiful viewing platform that overlooks the bottom of the falls.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

5. Sable Falls

Sable Falls in northern Michigan is known for its spectacular 75-foot plunge from the rock sandstone. It is accessible from this Sable Falls via Grand Marais in the Upper Peninsula. It's located close to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Lake Superior, so there are many scenic spots nearby that make it a pleasant day of watching waterfalls.

The parking area at Grand Marais, where you will find a trailhead located on the eastern side of the park. From there, you can take a half-mile hike back to the waterfall. It is a great waterfall that families can enjoy because it's an easy hike, and also because there are many other attractions to do nearby such as Lake Superior, the Grand Sable Dunes, and Lake Superior.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

6. Hungarian Falls

The most beautiful waterfalls that can be found in the Keweenaw Peninsula in Hubbell close to Escanaba located near Escanaba are Hungarian Falls. If you plan to go to Hungarian Falls, it is recommended to schedule the whole day, so that you are able to take advantage of the protected areas in the Keweenaw Peninsula. The area is 10 acres of public land in the vicinity of Houghton, Michigan with mature hemlocks, as well as nature trails.

Hungarian Falls is a series of three waterfalls, which consist of Upper Falls, Middle Falls Lower Falls, and Middle Falls. Lower Falls.

Its Upper Falls drops 20 feet down the rock face to a gorge that flows out of multiple sections. Its Middle Falls is just below the dam that flows downstream. It falls 20 feet and is the most straightforward section to reach. Its Lower Falls is a dramatic 50-foot drop from the cliff, however, it's difficult to reach. It is recommended to visit these falls at a time when the water is at its highest to enjoy the best views.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

7. Munising Falls

Munising Falls is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls that can be found in Munising. It is hidden inside within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the Upper Peninsula of Alger County. It is among the amazing waterfalls within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and it is accessible. It is possible to take one of many trails that lead back to the waterfall and there's a lovely boardwalk that has a variety of viewpoints.

Even though Munising Falls is spectacular in the summer, it's wonderful to experience in winter, too, as the water freezes, creating an enormous column of snow. Because there are many other amazing waterfalls in the vicinity It is best to begin by going to the Visitor Center to learn more about the most suitable trails to the waterfall. You can then plan your stop at other waterfalls in the vicinity.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

8. Ocqueoc Falls

Ocqueoc Falls Ocqueoc Falls is the biggest fall in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. It is, in fact, one of the sole major waterfalls within Michigan's Lower Peninsula. The water of the falls cascades down limestone rocks along the Ocqueoc River. Ocqueoc Falls is Ocqueoc Falls is situated at Ocqueoc the city, located about 11 miles to the west of Rogers City.

The waterfall's area includes over six miles of designated trails for hiking that are utilized for cross-country skiing during the winter months, so you can add some relaxation to your waterfall watching. In the summer, enjoy a dip at Ocqueoc Falls to refresh yourself after hiking. The waterfall is equipped with grills and tables for picnics along with camping in the vicinity.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

9. Wagner Falls

An easy and stunning waterfall to photograph and access at the Upper Peninsula is Wagner Falls. It is a beautiful waterfall with a 20-foot drop. It is a cascade that flows across several sections and is quite beautiful. There is a parking area and a walk of about a half-mile that leads back to the waterfall. There's also a walkway and observation deck so it's easily accessible to children.

Wagner Falls Scenic Site Wagner Falls Scenic Site is just two miles away from Munising. The water flowing from the falls eventually is released through Lake Superior. It is possible to make a few days of exploring waterfalls only in this area and Wagner is definitely included on your list.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

10. Rock River Falls

In deep in the Rick River Wilderness Area near Chatham in the Hiawatha National forest is Rock River Falls. The falls are 15 feet in drop and have an appearance that is fanned out because the water flows off the rock. This waterfall is more distant and difficult to reach and therefore it is recommended to wear well-constructed footwear and have a plan to reach it.

This Rock River fall is located in a wilderness area therefore you'll need to travel for a few miles along old logging roads. Also, the trails that lead to the waterfall aren't identified. If you're looking for adventure and want to share it with your passion for waterfalls Then Black River Falls is a great place to go for the day.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

11.Tannery Falls

Tannery Falls near Munising is one of the top waterfalls to visit, particularly in the case of caves. The waterfall is 40 feet in drop and is quite flowing in spring when it is raining more. The cave that is behind the waterfall gives a dramatic look to the scene.

It is accessible by a narrow trail from Sand Point Road. It isn't easy to find, and it isn't as accessible as other waterfalls in the area, however, it is an excellent one to add to your bucket list if you're looking to experience something new.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

12. Manabezho Falls

The Manabezho falls are situated in the Presque Isle River, which is located in the remote Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Manabezho Falls is the largest waterfall in the river, boasting 25 feet of drop and an elongated crest of 150 feet.

The picturesque falls are simple to reach at the west end of the park via the CR-519. The waterfall is dynamic due to the varying depths of the cascades as it cascades down the rocks into the river below.

Manabezho Falls is especially beautiful in autumn as the vivid hues of the leaves create an amazing frame of water. The frozen landscape in winter is equally stunning and features a 100-foot-wide waterfall that is surrounded by ice.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

13. Douglass Houghton Falls

The Douglass Houghton Falls in the uppermost point of Michigan's Upper Peninsula is Michigan's tallest waterfall that has a drop of 110 feet. The waterfall's access is limited due to the slippery rock and steep gorges that surround it, which can create dangerous conditions. The waterfall can be reached via Hammel Creek near Lake Lindon however caution is strongly recommended.

The impressive waterfall is currently in the progress of opening up to the public. This may take a few months to have safety measures installed to ensure easier viewing. The waterfall's name is a tribute to Douglass Houghton, the first recognized geologist of Michigan.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

14. Laughing Whitefish Falls

A few of the more picturesque waterfalls of the Upper Peninsula are Laughing Whitefish Falls located in the northwestern part of Alger County near Marquette, Michigan. It is located in the Laughing Whitefish Scenic Site. The waterfall that is 100 feet tall is among the most photographed spots in Michigan. The waterfall flows in a wide pattern through a limestone escarpment that has been carved to Lake Superior.

It is possible to reach the top of the waterfall via an entire mile of scenic trail. To see a different viewpoint it is possible to climb steps down towards the base of the waterfall or take pictures from the various observation decks while you are walking down.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

15. Horseshoe Falls

Like many of the spectacular waterfalls that are found in Michigan, Horseshoe Falls is privately owned, and therefore there is an admission charge to view it. Horseshoe Falls is a beautiful spring-fed waterfall located near Munising within the state of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The most distinctive feature in this particular waterfall is the sequence of cascades that follow the 20-foot drop at the summit of the fall.

There are a few other waterfalls close by, but Horseshoe Falls is consistently flowing due to the spring that feeds the waterfall. It's a beautiful waterfall to view and, if you've got children, they can feed the fish that swim in the trout pond that is on the property.

Best Waterfalls in Michigan

Waterfalls in Michigan Question & Answer

Q. What is the Biggest Waterfalls in Michigan?

The Upper Falls of the Tahquamenon Falls is over 50 feet high and 200 feet wide.

Q. How many waterfalls are there in Michigan?

There are over 200 waterfalls within Michigan and none located in the Upper Peninsula.

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